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Stocubo at KulturKaufhaus Dussmann

Our cubes in action

03 September 2021

Berliners are certainly familiar with Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus and who hasn't escaped there on a rainy Friday evening (open until midnight!)? Of course, we are all the more proud that our Cubes are being used throughout the entire building. We spoke with Djuro Ramac, Manager of Store Construction at Dussmann, and are happy to share this exciting glimpse behind the scenes of one of Berlin's largest bookstores with non-Berliners.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus?

Berlin is culture. And culture is Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus. We offer more than shopping - and have been doing so since 1997: We invite you to discover culture in all its diversity and abundance - analog and digital. Our visitors and clients can expect personal recommendations from our enthusiastic staff, as well as a hand-picked assortment of around 10.5 million products on site and online, individual advice, exclusive events and lots of loving details which make the idea of "KulturKaufhaus" unique. Our credo is that culture makes people happy and overcomes boundaries.

For what reason did you order Cubes from stocubo for the first time?

In 2014 we started to renovate our complete house. In this context, we needed a high degree of flexibility for half a floor, because the assortment and the design of the floor had to adapt quickly and yet sophisticated. stocubo was the ideal solution!

How many cubes are currently in use at Dussmann?

We use just over 300 pieces in different sizes. Of which over 200 are square cubes.

Our standard cube.

It is ideally suited for example for records or larger books. Storage capacity: 50-70 records, 12 wine bottles, 6 narrow or 4 thick file folders. 

What do you use the Cubes for? What makes a good shelving system from your point of view?

We use the Cubes mainly on the sales floor. As a complete wall shelf, table top, presentation islands, substructure for table tops, but also as office furniture for shelves. Since we have a very broad assortment - 70 percent books, 20 percent CD/DVD and many small products - an adapted shelving system is primarily important for us. But the high degree of flexibility of the stocubo Cubes is very valuable if you want to react quickly, set highlights or try out a new product range. Trade is change and with the Cubes we are able to change quickly and flexibly.

What convinced you of the system back then?

The high degree of flexibility and the simple but sophisticated and valuable design. Since we otherwise only have black shelves, white cubes are ideal for us to set highlights.

Simple elegance: do you already know our modules with black edge?