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Kati about vegan cuisine and her 140sqm loft in Münster

03 September 2021

Kati is not only the chef of a vegan-vegetarian restaurant called Beetschwester, but also demonstrates her green thumb and lifestyle as well as her good taste in the rest of her time - she likes to keep her cookbooks in our stocubo Cubes.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Katerina, I am 28 years old and work as a chef at Beetschwester, a small vegetarian-vegan restaurant in the old town of Münster. I actually started on the path to gastronomy only 5 years ago and thus turned my hobby into a profession: An initial student job as a waitress in a vegan restaurant has turned into an apprenticeship as a chef.

I had simply noticed that this type of gastronomy in particular suits me much more than any desk job. Even after work, cooking is still my passion and the home kitchen is the experimental laboratory! I bake, deep-fry, and make my own pizza and pasta - but after a long day, I also open a frozen pizza.

Where & how do you live?

For two years I live with my boyfriend in a gorgeous old apartment in the heart of Münster. In an old distillery from 1907 we live on 140 m² with two floors and open gallery. The heart of the apartment is the first floor, which combines hallway, kitchen, dining room and living room on 90 m² and in addition to the beautiful arched windows also has to offer insane 5 meters ceiling height. 

Upstairs, there's a small circular flow through the gallery, bedroom, tub bath and study, where you eventually end up back in the gallery. We really appreciate having the loft feel on the first floor and being able to entertain friends and family in the open kitchen, while being able to close the door behind you in the bedroom and study and have your peace and quiet.

What do you use your stocubo shelf for?

We use our stocubo shelf mainly for my boyfriend's record collection and my collection of cookbooks. Plants find their sunny spot on our shelf and small heirlooms are displayed. Before that, it has had many locations in our apartment: as a highboard in the living room, as a step shelf under the staircase to the gallery and after the redesign of the guest room and study, our stocubo shelf is currently serving as a slim and decorative sideboard. Other elements can be found sporadically, for example as a roll container next to the desk or as closed storage elements for tools and co in the living room.

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What do you like most about your shelf?

I especially like the versatility of the stocubo elements: The modular system and straightforward design fits into any environment and matches all of our furniture, whether it's grandma's old wooden cabinet or classic tubular steel furniture. It's so easy to convert and adapt to different locations that I can always easily indulge my desire to rearrange furniture. My newest stocubo elements are also mobile on the go: under the stairs on the first floor, I've built myself a small workspace for DIY projects and use stocubo elements on casters, horizontally and vertically, with and without doors. In other words, as storage space that fits into the living room without looking like an office. The whole thing is also sustainably and fairly produced in Germany, affordable and adaptable to any living situation!

What is your favorite piece that you keep on the stocubo shelf?

My favorite items on the stocubo shelf are the storied heirlooms from my friend's family and from my own collection right now, the "Greenfeast" cookbooks by Nigel Slater. They look great on any shelf in their bright pink and orange covers and inspire with small seasonal and exciting vegetable dishes. And if our collections of records and cookbooks continue to grow in the near future, we'll simply add more stocubo elements.

More space for records and cookbooks:

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