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stocubo x kristina ahoi

27 May 2021

stocubo lover Kristina on her love for vinyl and the perfect shelf

Regardless of whether you are looking for the perfect sun salutation guide or hands-on interior design tips for your home - Kristina is an all-rounder that should not be missing from your follow list. On her Instagram channel kristina.ahoi the Hamburg resident shares insights into her sun-drenched attic apartment, which we would like to move into right away.

To our delight, she often has an extra class LP shelf model: in 2019 Kristina designed her dream shelf with us. Another stocubo shelf moved in with her in spring - reason enough to introduce Kristina to you!

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Who are you and what are you doing?

“I'm Kristina, 32 years old and I come from Hamburg. At the moment I sometimes tend to ask myself what I'm not doing (laughs).

I have just passed my yoga teacher exam and can't wait to take the next steps here!

When I'm not practicing yoga, I turn our apartment upside down - as a designer for visual marketing, I never run out of ideas, I show the results on my IG channel Kristina.ahoi.

My main job is retail design and I can advise great customers and supply them with Windows mannequins, decorative accessories and shopfitting. "


Where & how do you live?

„We have been living in a maisonette apartment since 2019, the house was renovated for 2 years, three new floors were created, of which we live on the top two floors and can enjoy a great view over Hamburg. "
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What do you use your stocubo shelf for?

“We have been collecting LPs since 2018, and before we moved into the current apartment, the storage was rather temporary and it was clear to us that something had to be done in the new apartment that would do justice to our passion for music.

In addition to the visual appearance, it was important to me that the weight of our record collection was kept, that it was flexible and that the new piece of furniture could grow with the collection. I also try to find labels that are as sustainable as possible, so that I quickly found what I was looking for at stocubo.

After we decided on new furniture for the bedroom, it was immediately clear that we wanted something from stocubo again.

In der neuen Stocubo Kommode bewahren wir Bettwäsche und Handtücher auf, die 1:2 Module mit Schubfach eignen sich hervorragend, um meine Beautysachen zu beherbergen. Und ich finde es einfach großartig, dass ich die Module selbst konfigurieren kann und so unseren Ansprüchen gemäß individuell gestalten kann.“


What do you like most about your shelf?

"The flexibility and the new pastel colors for doors and drawers!"

Have you already discovered our pastel-colored inserts?


What is your favorite piece that you keep on the stocubo shelf?

"Phew, difficult question ... Every single LP! 🖤 "

More space for your records?

More color in the bedroom?

Visit Kristina on Instagram!