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The stocubos - Julia

Visiting stocubo Managing Director Julia Haneke

19 August 2021

Who are you and what is your role at stocubo?

I am Julia and the managing director of stocubo.
What do you like most about your work?

The versatility and the immediate proximity of the stocubo office to the product and production. Due to this proximity, synergies arise and we can try out, implement and further develop new ideas together.

What do you think is the best thing about the stocubo shelving system?

That you can adapt your furniture to your own life again at any time. Particularly with children, the arrangements and needs in the family and the apartment are constantly changing. I know from my own experience that the Cubes can cope with almost anything: We just used them to install an interim kitchen in our bathroom, for example, because we are remodeling our kitchen. A big plus of our shelving system: The whole thing took less than 15 minutes!

Perfectly asymmetrical:

Where do you see stocubo in 10 years?

stocubo will hopefully still be the same local company in 10 years as it is now - but with a new showroom and in a bigger production, because here we are really starting to reach our limits. And stocubo will also have a multilingual website by then and sell even more all over Europe, matching our already very international team. We are looking forward to launching the French website very soon.

Where and how do you live?

Ich lebe mit meiner Familie in einer schönen Altbauwohnung im Bayerischen Viertel in Berlin-Schöneberg – wie es sich für eine Exil-Bayerin gehört!
How many cubes do you have and what do you use them for?

Oh, that are now countless many: I use them as a bookshelf, office shelf, guest dresser, children's room, closet alternative and as a changing unit in the bathroom. I especially like our Cubes with wall mount for our dishes in the kitchen. To sum it up: So far, the Cubes are numerous in every room - except for the toilet, but that will change soon too....

Do you already know our children's kitchen? 

How many times have you taken your cubes down and rebuilt them differently?

I have not counted with my large collection. Per year, however, at least 2-3 times one or more of the shelves are expanded again or completely rebuilt.
What is your personal favorite piece that you keep on the stocubo shelf?

The travel guides from the big trips I used to take. I'm really looking forward to showing my kids these places - I'll have to wait a few more years!

More storage space in the bedroom: