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01 December 2021

We would like to inform you that we have to adjust our prices for the new year. Like many other wood processing companies, we are also affected by the immense increase in wood prices. Wood is our primary material - and here alone we are recording a price increase of 20% this year. In addition, we only work with PEFC-certified wood from Germany and France, which further limits our choice of suppliers. Since we produce sustainably and therefore on order, we do not have a large stock with which we can ride out price peaks. Also factored into the cost of materials is the fact that for every tree used for our MDF panels, we make a donation via the reforestation of new trees.

We ship our Cubes exclusively with DHL Go Green, who also adjust their prices on 01 January to reflect increased costs and thus also the CO₂ emissions in logistics.

Due to these cost increases, we have decided to adjust our prices.

Thank you for your understanding and for remaining loyal to us!