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Our Cubes in your four walls

Shelves staged in shoots are one thing, but how do our shelves actually look in the normal ambience at home?

Do you ever wonder what it will look like behind a beautifully planted or decorated window? We do this almost every day when we see all the great configurations of our customers in the configurator and send cubes into the wide world - what will it all look like finished in the room? That's why we're even happier when you share reviews and photos with us and we see what creative solutions the stocubo community comes up with using our Cubes.

Just as varied are the testimonials, build descriptions and reviews that reach us. Here are the collected works of feedback and inspiration from our customers. May we introduce: Your walls, our Cubes!

What our customers say about our shelves

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„I love the flexibility of the Stocubo modules. It's fun to create your own furniture and the quality is excellent. Meanwhile my third move and the modules are still like new.“

Mathias L. from Kiel

„Super nice shelving system that can grow throughout life. It can be recommended with a clear conscience, the quality is top notch.“

 Felix A. from Rostock

Odoo • Text und Bild
Odoo • Bild und Text

„From start (configuration in the app) to finish (delivery on time on pallet) a flawless performance. 

The enclosed spirit level rounds off the whole.“

Patrick D. from Gelsenkirchen

Special cases - solved with the special unit of stocubo

Optimal use of space, nothing covered or obstructed

The perfect modular wall unit - a perfect fit and without covering anything. The space is used up to the ceiling and even in the width you can find maximum storage space for books, CDs, DVDs and records.

„I have been adding to my wall of shelves from stocubo for many years and continue to be extremely satisfied!
The modular design is ingenious."

Dominique B. from Aachen

Build, rebuild, build differently

Our handmade products should be able to be used and passed on for a lifetime. Due to the modular design, the Cubes always find a new purpose - so the former sideboard in the next apartment simply becomes a bookshelf. This feature is also particularly practical when moving.

„Stocubo furniture has a high sustainability effect: so now parts of our old desk are built in the changing unit, other parts are absorbed into a trolley. Let's see what we build from the changing unit when it is no longer needed. Great quality!"

Lara T. from Bad Vilbel

Up high with our wall mount

Our Cubes are also available on request with a wall mount for stylish storage of memorabilia or decorative elements. The modules with half depth are perfectly suited for your CD and DVD collections. You can also create additional storage space in the bathroom or kitchen.

„Order has worked great. The stocubo cubes as hanging shelves enhance my kitchen enormously."

David M. from Ilmenau

Optimal storage for large record collections  

Shelving system tailored exactly to your needs. Modular furniture in the design of stocubo offer the optimal storage for LPs. A record shelf that can be adapted over the years like your taste in music.

„Finally we have a practical solution for storing our records! Order and delivery: very uncomplicated and reliable. Very friendly tone with the customers!"

Käthe W. from Trier

Children's furniture

The modular expandable children's desk grows with your child: It can be easily converted from a child's desk to a youth's desk - in keeping with the stocubo motto: build, convert, build differently.  

„The modules from stocubo allow a lot of flexibility. Therefore, we are very happy to now be able to turn them into a desk. The advice to choose a children's desk was ideal for our son."

Frank O. from Celle

 Space utilization under stairs and roof slopes

The solution for difficult corners and niches. All cubes are available in full and half depth and can also be placed around a corner. This allows you to set up optimally in any slope, no matter how unusual.

„The modular cube system from the company stocubo is simply unbeatable. For my roof slopes to build individually and so creative and easy to use.“

Sara B. from Bad Camberg

How our customers put stocubo cubes in the limelight

What our customers say about our service

Competent consulting service by phone

You are in the planning stage of your new shelf and still have questions? Call us, send us an email or visit us in our showroom in Berlin. Our friendly colleagues from customer service will be happy to take care of your request. 

„All employees of Stocubo are very helpful, friendly and competent! Callbacks to inquiries were made at short notice. Even employees from manufacturing took time to discuss custom designs.“

Pavel J. from Nürnberg

New again and again

You can expand your shelf at any time with the purchase of additional modules. Our Cubes made of white-coated MDF are always cut in the same grade and quality thanks to the diamond-tipped router. So new Cubes will always fit seamlessly into their existing collection.

„Today, after a move, we added two modules to our original shelf from a few years ago. The new ones are indistinguishable from the old ones. For this an extra star!“

Dieter H. from Minden

Locally produced, sustainably packaged

From on-site, made-to-order production to plastic-free packaging, at stocubo we are constantly working to implement sustainability at all levels. For example, you also have the option to return our shipping cartons for reuse (simply send an email to [email protected] ).

„The delivery was uncomplicated and there is an emphasis on environmentally friendly packaging.“

Claudia T. from Berlin Schöneberg

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Photo tutorial: How do I take a nice photo for stocubo?

A matter of perspective

1. frontal
2. centered
3. enough distance

Put in the right light

1. Even Daylight
3. no backlight
4. clean camera lens
5. no flash

All dressed up

1. tidy
2. decorated according to preferences
3. no distracting tangled cables
4. your shelf should not be covered

Have fun!

1. creative detail photos
2. your personal touch

Any questions?

Our competent customer service is there for you!

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