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stocubo x Dexter

5 questions for DJ and stocubo-lover Dexter

23 June 2021

Rapper AND pediatrician ?! DJ Dexter breaks with the common clichés about rap, hip-hop and gangsterism and doesn't care much about genre boundaries. As if that weren't enough: Felix aka Dexter passionately collects gold records as the producer of beats for Cro and Casper. Follow him on his Instagram channel diggidexter and stay up to date on the crème de la crème of German hip-hop.

Folien Bild

Folien Bild

Dexter keeps its extensive record collection in our flexible stocubo cubes. New vinyls are constantly being added - no problem for our LP shelves that grow with them. The last reorder was a very welcome opportunity for us to visit DJ Dexter in his home town of Stuttgart and ask him a few questions:

Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Felix aka Dexter and I am mainly a music producer in the field of hip-hop and instrumental beats. I am also a mix and mastering engineer, DJ and occasionally rapper. I actually studied medicine and worked as a pediatrician for seven years, but currently put my profession on hold in favor of music.

Where & how do you live?

I currently live with my family in an old building in Stuttgart.

Folien Bild

Folien Bild

Folien Bild

What do you use your stocubo shelf for?

Almost exclusively for my relatively large record collection - currently it should be around 2000 pieces. But books also come in my cubes.


What do you like most about your shelf?

The simple design, the perfect size for records and of course the absolutely free combinability of the modules.

What is your favorite piece that you keep in your stocubo shelf?

The turntables. As a DJ I use the classic Technics MK2 1210s and in the living room I have a coturn - a small but fine company.

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