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We celebrate 10 years of stocubo!


With a clear aesthetic vision, the claim of fair production and the idea of
and the idea of assembling shelves without tools: 10 years later, we are still
following these principles, we still sustainably put one cube on top of the other and
and also new standards: 1:2 - 2:1 - 2:3 and more!

For us, this was an opportunity to knock on the doors of loyal customers and ask for the best pictures of their shelves; to create homestories of customers and team members with their favorite shelves; to rummage through the figures to see

what has actually happened over the last few years; to add a few anniversary treats to our product portfolio; and, of course, to be very proud of everything we have achieved as a team and community. We have summarized all this and more here and are already looking forward to the next 10 years with you!

Thank you for your loyalty!
Julia Haneke & the stocubos

 A new dimension of cubes 

Click through the highlights of 10 years of customer photos from our stocubo community

A shelf with personality

stocubo in action: exciting personalities tell shelf stories from the turntable to the children's kitchen!

Multi-talented Kristina

stocubo lover and interior fashionista Kristina on her love for the dog looking down, her maisonette apartment and the perfect (vinyl) shelf.

DJ Dexter

Felix aka. DJ Dexter keeps his ever growing record collection in our cubes. His numerous awards stand on the floor leaning against the stocubo shelf. Easy.

Chef Kati

Kati conjures up vegan delicacies in the restaurant and at home. Her passion is cookbooks, which together with her boyfriend's vinyl collection find a home in our Cubes.

Dussmann das Kulturkaufhaus

New again and again, unique every time. Dussmann das Kulturkaufhaus uses our cubes whenever flexibility is required or a product range is to be presented in a special way. We are thrilled with every visit!

Odoo • Bild und Text

The stocubos

Get to know our employees and take a look behind the scenes and into the homes of our stocubos!


Julia is the managing director of stocubo and makes sure that everything meshes behind the scenes. stocubo has not only determined her working life for over seven years, but our cubes can also be found in almost every room in her home. She lives in Schöneberg with her husband and soon two children. Here
Odoo • Bild und Text
Odoo • Bild und Text


Prak works at stocubo as a designer and also realizes himself in independent projects. Quite the product designer, the stocubo shelf in his kitchen-living room near the Museum Island is rollable. Here he tells more about himself!


Anja not only has a firm grip on our accounting and payroll figures, but with her 85 Cubes she is also way ahead in the internal stocubo ranking. What she does with all those cubes, she tells


Kilian sends our Cubes safely and sustainably packaged out into the wide world. In addition to his studies in environmental engineering, he likes to ship high-quality products with a good conscience. Here he lets us take a look inside his apartment!


Ville works in production at stocubo and also has his favorites in his apartment in Treptow. Among other things, a shelf that keeps order between instruments, synthesizers and co. - that is, everything he needs for his band Wasted Punk Rock. Here you can learn more about Ville!


Mathilde is an all-rounder at stocubo: She supports Julia as an assistant to the management and makes sure that we, as a digital-first company, reach all our (potential) customers, send the right message and that our cubes are perfectly staged. She also organizes our summer party, continues to spin our sustainability strategy at home, and, and, and!


Mo glues the cubes from stocubo edge to edge in our workshop every day for a perfect fit and ensures that our cubes are as resistant to breakage and bending as promised. Privately, he appreciates the modularity of our Cubes, which he uses for his kitchen in Hellersdorf. Here Mo tells more about himself

Black on white: The last 10 years in figures

How much has the stocubo team grown in the last ten years?

In 2011, stocubo had eight employees. Ten years later, our team has more than tripled: in 2021, stocubo has 30 employees, and we are still located on the beautiful ExRotaprint site in Berlin-Wedding.

How many trees has stocubo already planted as part of its internal  sustainability strategy ?

In recent years, we have already donated over 1,000 trees.

Wie groß ist das stocubo Sortiment eigentlich?

Seit 2011 haben wir 66 unterschiedliche Module entwickelt - allen voran natürlich unser 1:1 Cube. Diese Module können wiederum angepasst werden - etwa mit grauer Tür, vanillegelbem Einschub in 1:2 oder 2:3 oder dem Champagnerflaschen-Einsatz. Insgesamt sind auf Basis der 66 Module also 6.866 Varianten möglich!

Nutzen stocubo Kund:innen die Flexibilität und bestellen weitere Module dazu?

Das können wir klar mit „Ja!" beantworten. Mehr als 40% unserer Kund:innen bestellen wieder. Jede:r fünfte Kund:in bestellt mehr als zweimal, manche aber auch zwanzigmal!

Colorful and new

We won't leave you hanging: a new wardrobe and more await you in our anniversary year!

Clothes rack - in quite simple

Discreet and freestanding, that's probably the best way to describe our new clothes rack. 10 to 20 favorite pieces can be hung here crease-free.

And of course, the clothes rack is stocubo-easy to assemble and disassemble!

Colorful clipping

Our clip newcomers are made of plastic and colorful. Available in red, yellow, blue and turquoise, they stabilize your Cube constructions and give them a good portion of humor!

As always, the assembly is without tools!

Refreshing stickers

Today like this, tomorrow like that. With the stickers from Pimpad Studio you can give free rein to your creativity and stick the doors and inserts of your cubes colorful. And if it should be different again: simply (re)stick!

simple. modular. fair.

Your stocubos