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stocubo separates business from private

Modular home office furniture for every niche 

Furniture for home office must meet special requirements: it must be modern, but simple enough that it doesn't catch your eye as your guilty conscience during your leisure time. Variable, functional and space-saving.

Stocubo combines all these conditions and, with this flexibility, offers the advantage that office furniture speaks a common design language. So it's easy to realise a move – including aesthetically.

The stocubo range includes office shelves, roller containers, filing cabinets and desks. They can also be expanded at will as soon as more storage space is required. Our cube-based office table can be converted into a corner desk with just a few movements, and by using different cube heights, the desk is virtually height-adjustable. But that's not all! We also offer chic and practical accessories for home office: laptop stands and desk sets in the classic white stocubo design.

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Overview of selected home office shelves

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* Price includes plastic clips only. Aluminium clips can also be ordered.

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Build shelves at home and everywhere with our configurator

It's easy to plan your modular shelf system yourself with the stocubo configurator. Please read through our tips so that your shelf can be moved later on and that there are no misunderstandings during planning. 

Download our shelf configurator to your smartphone or tablet!



Sample kit

Order your trial package now and see for yourself. Lay the foundation of your own modular shelf system and order your stocubo trial package now! Package contains:

1:1 Cube
Samples of all available colours
Aluminium and plastic clips
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Frequently asked questions about our home office shelves

Which furniture is particularly suitable for the home office?

Since we usually do not take all the documents from the office with us to the home office and space is limited at home, most of us only need a selection of home office furniture. The desk top from stocubo is particularly suitable for the home office - either on stacked cubes or on the frame of your choice; the matching laptop stand, in which the wireless keyboard can also be safely stowed away; a cube shelf - optionally with a cable hole for the printer cable; the stocubo roll container, in which you can stow everything important after work. If a lot of storage space is required, we recommend drawers and racks for the cubes. If confidential documents are kept, the option of lockable doors for the filing cabinet should definitely be selected.

What is the average delivery time I should expect?

The average delivery time is 5-7 weeks, as we do not have a warehouse and only produce to order.

Can I also deliver during a lockdown?

Yes, stocubo office furniture can also be delivered to your home during a lockdown. It goes without saying that our furniture is produced in compliance with all safety measures for the greatest possible protection for everyone.

How do I assemble the furniture in the home office?

Regardless of whether you purchase 100 centimeters or 100 meters of filing shelves, bookshelves or folder shelves from stocubo: You can easily assemble it yourself. To do this, stack the individual modules made of break-proof and bend-resistant wood on top of or next to each other and secure them with the connecting clips made of aluminum or plastic. In principle, the structure is very intuitive, even without instructions. You can find more about this in our notes on racking.

Does a shelf for the office have to be anchored in the wall?

Only if it is a particularly large office cabinet and the floor below is particularly uneven. Our filing shelves actually stabilize themselves. For larger stacking shelves that are more than 2.5 m high, we recommend securing the top row with standard L-brackets. You can get these at any hardware store. Stabilization is also useful on sloping floors.

Are the stocubo shelves also suitable as hanging shelves for the office at home?

Basically, our cubes can be used as wall shelves by means of invisible wall hangings. All you have to do is dowel two brackets into the wall. However, the suspension is primarily intended to attach individual cubes to the wall. A good portion of craftsmanship is required to install an entire shelving system: because every single cube has to be precisely assembled using a spirit level and screws.

Is the home office furniture only available in white?

There is an option for the front frame in black instead of the natural shade. This allows you to create a particularly striking shelving system, the clarity of which can be highlighted or broken up with additional compartments and colors. There is a whole range of clear and pastel colors to choose from for doors and drawers. You can find a detailed list of questions and answers about our shelves in our general FAQ.

Can stocubo office desks also be used in corner desks?

Yes, the MDF boards for tables can also be arranged in corners with 90 ° or more. You can choose between two plate sizes so that an L-shaped arrangement is also possible. There is also an option to drill a cable. If you opt for cubes as a frame, they can even be pushed completely against the wall on the corner to save space. Alternatively, of course, all other frames can also be placed under the plates.

Is stocubo home office furniture sustainable?

We use 100 percent PEFC-certified, break-proof and bend-resistant wood from German forests. We also attach great importance to sustainability in continued production and delivery. This manifests itself in low-pollutant manufacturing processes as well as in the use of green electricity and climate-neutral shipping companies. And this for a fair price!