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Stack, clip, done!

How stocubo works

Building a shelf can be really fun! Don't believe it? Then you probably haven't assembled a stocubo shelf yet. Where "building" is almost an exaggeration: our cubes arrive at your door ready to use. They can be simply stacked next to and on top of each other and attached together with the clips.

Individual modules can also be attached to the wall. stocubo therefore functions completely without needing to be assembled and, aside from the hanging shelves, no tools are required. Only when aligning the base plates, we recommend using a spirit level and the supplied Allen key.

stocubo connection clips

The different clips connect individual shelf modules to each other - very easily and without any tools. The clips can be attached to the front and back. We recommend you to use two connecting clips per cube.

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Base plate clip

A special clip for easy and safe connection of different base plates with each other. It is automatically shipped with each base plate.

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Aluminum clip

An elegant simple aluminum clip that holds two modules together, combining function and aesthetics.

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Plastic clip

The flexible material of the plastic clip keeps a firm grip on the cubes and is particularly suitable for rear attachment, where it provides extra stability.

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Adjust the base plate using a spirit level and Allen key.

Place the base plates next to each other where the shelf is to stand and connect them with the base plate clips. Now align the base plates straight using a spirit level. To do this, adjust the feet with the Allen key so that all base plates form an even surface.

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Move the base plate 10 cm from the wall

If the shelf is to be clipped from the back, pull the base plates slightly forward to allow the clips to attach well to the back wall. If the clips are to be attached only at the front, this step is not needed.

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Stacking and clipping cubes row by row

Start with the bottom row of cubes and secure each with a clip on the base plate and a clip on the next cube. Then stack cubes row by row and clip from all sides. Depending on the floor, attach additional clips at the front or back if necessary.

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Push the finished shelf back onto the wall

To do this, start at the base plates if possible and carefully push the shelf back against the wall. For larger shelves, it is best to work in pairs.

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Wall suspensions

All modules can also be ordered with wall suspensions. In this case, the cubes are already delivered with rails on the back wall and the matching wall brackets. All you have to do at home is dowel the wall brackets to the wall and hang the modules in them.

Of course, you can also order the wall brackets separately later or unscrew the rails again later if you want to use the modules for other purposes. Please note our notes for guidelines on how to attach the modules on the wall.

→ More about mounting on the wall

Mount doors

Open sesame, and close gently! With the innovative soft-close doors for our modular shelving cubes, we know we're fulfilling the wishes of many customers. We promise the doors will close gently, with no banging and noise. This also minimizes the risk of injury from trapped fingers.

Modules with doors are supplied already fully assembled, but you can also order the doors separately and assemble them yourself.

→ Reorder door

→ Install doors

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Light cubes

Put your cubes in the spotlight with our integrated lighting and create aesthetic accents - by day and by night! The LED rails are already attached by us to the upper inside of the cube. The LEDs are available in the color tone super warm white and can be regulated by remote control as desired.

An LED kit is necessary to illuminate the cubes. Power is supplied via the power supply unit included in the LED kit. Up to six illuminated cubes can be connected via the distributor and controlled together. Please make sure to add the required number of LED kits to your order.

For the connection cable of the LED strip, we drill a tiny hole in the rear wall of the respective module, through which the power cable is laid - well hidden and not visible from the front. The modules are delivered already assembled. You only need to connect the cables and connect it to the power, then you're ready to go!

→ Install LED lighting

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Cleaning surfaces

The white cubes are very resistant due to their melamine resin coating and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or glass cleaner.

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Clean edges

If the edges get dirty, they can be gently rubbed with sandpaper to clean them, if necessary.

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