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made in Berlin

"Fair Cubes at fair prices" - that is the mission behind our modular shelving systems. We deliberately produce exclusively in Germany, to be precise: in Berlin-Wedding. One of the decisive factors was the desire to secure sustainable and fairly paid jobs in Berlin - a concept that has paid off.

Our price calculation is based on putting a portion of our sales directly back into local production - thus into the quality and further development of our cubes.

Das Team, über uns

The team

stocubo is not only a flexible shelving system, but also a flexible team that works together in the same way - and at the same time is always adapting to new situations. Our teams from sales, service and production work together as equals, always in close exchange with stocubo Managing Director Julia Haneke.

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Julia, who studied law, has been managing stocubo since 2016. Her motivation: conviction and passion for the product. What makes her so convinced by this modular shelving system from Berlin?

When Julia took over the management of stocubo, she had a clear vision: to produce simple and modular furniture at fair prices while strengthening the local infrastructure in Berlin Wedding through creating attractive and secure jobs.

As a female CEO in a male-dominated industry, she focused from the beginning on a diverse and inclusive team with flat hierarchies, where employees come first. Together with her employees, Julia also works to minimize and offset their environmental footprint in all areas of the business.

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The 1:1 module of equality

The proportion of women among our employees is 50%, and as high as 75% in management positions.

This is what the shelves look like at our homes

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Our production

Choosing a shelving system from stocubo means deciding against conventional mass production. Our cubes are all handmade - supported by modern machines and sophisticated manufacturing processes. We produce to order, which is why there can be waiting times of up to 8 weeks - but we are usually faster than this!

Our PEFC-certified MDF is sourced through German dealers in European production and sustainable forestry. There, our coated boards are manufactured according to EU guidelines with low emissions, and especially for stocubo. Our wood supply chain and production are part of our sustainability strategy, about which you can learn more here.

How to create a cube

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