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Our sustainability strategy

Everyone is talking about sustainability. It's often difficult to understand what exactly a company means by this, and what they do to act accordingly. At stocubo, we want to be transparent. Here is our strategy summarized on one page.

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Our wood supply chain:
sustainable, not wooden

We work closely with our wood supplier EGGER, who are committed to sustainable forest management. The wood we use for our modules is produced according to high ecological and social standards. The MDF panels are therefore made from PEFC-certified wood that comes from sustainable European forestry.

We go one step further: for every tree used in our MDF panels, we donate a new tree. In this way, we also preserve our forests for future generations.

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Our ethos:
produce locally, get involved in the neighborhood

We manufacture exclusively in Wedding, Berlin - we're really proud of that. The main driving factor for this was the desire to create fairly paid, inclusive jobs in our neighborhood. Experienced craftsmen, young refugees, people with disabilities and team members of all ages make up our community.

We are a proud team that celebrates differences and learns from each other, working together with flat hierarchies on a product we all believe in.

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On the way to zero waste:
producing on demand

We operate as a unit in the heart of Berlin with limited capacities. In order to use this capacity as efficiently as possible, we produce exclusively to order. This means that we only produce what our customers have actually ordered. This way we guarantee that there are no extra goods in our warehouses that need to be disposed of.

Of course, this also means that the delivery time is sometimes the full six to eight weeks - but most of the time we are faster than this. And besides: time is relative. Especially the time you spend in anticipation of our timeless classics...

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A lifelong companion

We are often our own harshest critics: when it comes to keeping our fair production local and high quality. This drives us to constantly question the status quo.

Our handmade products should be used and passed on for a lifetime. In our vision, our modules grow with people from their children's room to their shared apartment life to their own home.

Timeless design holds better

We belong to the slow design movement and our concept exists separate of fast-moving trends. Anyone who has our modules in their home will quickly notice how flexibly our cubes can be used.

The design adapts to you and your needs and can even be used where it was not originally intended. Due to the reduced design and thanks to the innovative clip mechanism, the cubes can be assembled, disassembled and reconstructed as often as you like, without damaging the wood.

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Reducing our ecological footprint

At stocubo, we are constantly working to implement sustainability at all levels. We have been using only green electricity from renewable energy sources with Greenpeace Energy since 2011. We ship smaller orders climate neutrally with DHL Go Green. As far as possible, we use environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard and wood for packaging.

Our Berlin customers have the option of returning the boxes in which our cubes were delivered so that we can reuse them. We mark the reuse with a sticker "I am recycled". For more information, just send an email to: [email protected].

And in the stocubo office there is almost exclusively used IT equipment and our coffee is, of course, fair trade.