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Shelving systems
from stocubo

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Build up, rebuild, build again

- with no need for tools and in no time at all.

Clear design and fair production are our fundamental principles. With our workshop in Wedding, Berlin, we have stayed totally down to earth. Built on height-adjustable base plates, our modules can be easily connected with our innovative clamp system. That's all it takes for an individual shelf, which you can convert and adapt to your needs at any time. And that's for years to come.

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The shelving system that adapts to life

The system is designed to expand as you see fit, and to grow with your collections. Moving soon? No problem! The shelving systems can be easily disassembled and reassembled according to how your new space looks. That way, you always have exactly as much storage space as you need!

Our shelving system trio

Regalsystem, Dreifaltigkeit
Base plate

To ensure that your new design classic stands securely, we generally recommend our height-adjustable base plates. This compensates for even the smallest amount of unevenness and lays the perfect foundation.

Regalsystem, Dreifaltigkeit

Our shelf cubes are delivered already completely assembled and only need to be stacked on the base plates. Whether you stack them on top of each other or wildly mixed together, you decide - you can create a new set-up whenever you want!

Regalsystem, Dreifaltigkeit

The clamps connect the individual shelf modules to each other easily, no need for any tools. If you want them to be eye-catching, they can be attached at the front, or discreetly from behind. They can be removed again at any time if required.

Tips for planning your shelving system

Regalsystem, 1:1 Modul, grauer Hintergrund, Bücher
1:1 Module

The square 1:1 modules are our classic all-rounders. They are the perfect size for records, file folders, magazines and larger bound books.

Regalsystem, 2:3 Modul, grauer Hintergrund, DVD
2:3 Module

The 2:3 module is our module for paperbacks and DVDs. Turned upside down, it's as high as the 1:1 module, another all-rounder. The 2:3 module in half depth is particularly suitable for niche objects, and it's the exact depth as a paperback book or a DVD.

Regalsystem, 2:1 Modul, grauer Hintergrund, Ordenr
2:1 Module

The 2:1 module offers a particularly large amount of storage space and can also be used to store very large illustrated books or vases. Due to its long upper sides, they can bend under heavier loads and should therefore be used in the upper part of the shelf.

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Wall shelf

Almost all modules are also suitable as wall shelves. The wall suspension can be ordered at first, or added later. We provide strips with our modules, which are then hung together on the wall. 2:3 or 1:2 modules can be hung on both the short and long sides.

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Slide-in modules & colors

Our slide-in units are available in matching sizes for our 1:1, 1:2 and 2:3 modules in white as well as in our five pastel colors. These are fixed boxes that can be flexibly inserted into each module and removed as needed. This means they can also be reordered at any time and used in a particularly versatile way.

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HiFi & LP Modules

For all turntable rockers we have the all-round carefree equipment for your entire collection: special HiFi modules and shelf supports, flip-through boxes for LPs and singles and of course, the perfect shelf modules that can grow with your collection.

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Want to see for yourself?

Sometimes you just want to feel the material and hold the colors against your own living room wall before you decide on a particular combination of cubes. Just order your stocubo sample kit now, consisting of a 1:1 cube, color samples of all our colors, and both an aluminum and a plastic clip.

Order your sample kit

This is how stocubo looks for our customers

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Pimp your Cubes!

Tips about the care and expansion of the cubes can be found on our blog

→ Read more (in German)

Frequently asked questions about our shelving systems

How do I build my shelving system?

The assembly is very simple: stack your cubes and attach the clamps to keep it stabilized, either as a visible design element in the front or invisible, attached to the back. That's it! The only tools you'll need are for attaching wall shelves and aligning the base plates. The cubes themselves are delivered already assembled. You can read more about stacking in our tips for assembly.

Do I need base plates for my shelving systems?

Not necessarily. However, base plates are a good idea for uneven floors: with their height-adjustable feet, they compensate for unevenness so that the cubes can stand firmly and securely on them, no matter how hcigh the shelf is. We recommend base plates especially for old buildings, which often have slightly sloped floors, and for shelves that have doors in the bottom row, as otherwise they will not open well.

What should I consider when fixing the shelving systems to the wall?

Individual modules can also be attached to the wall in just a few steps. For this purpose, you can simply order a wall suspension. You will then receive a rail that is attached to the wall with two screws. The Cube is provided by us with a bar that can be easily hooked into the rail. Whether you hang rectangular modules vertically or horizontally is entirely up to you. You can find more information in our FAQs.

Do I need an additional wall mount?

Normally, no. Our shelving systems are stable and able to hold weight even when built up high, especially if they are generously fixed with connecting brackets. If you want to be on the safe side, for example when you have a large wall shelf filled with a lot of books, you can also use L-brackets from the hardware store as anti-tippers for the top row.

How will my shelving systems be delivered?

Built and ready to go! The individual cubes are already completely assembled by us, so you only have to stack them. Your shelving system will be delivered either by DHL GoGreen (small orders) or by freight forwarding (larger orders). Within Berlin, we usually deliver with Cosmo courier. Alternatively, you can pick up your order in person. You can contact us at any time to arrange this.

How do I care for my shelving systems?

Our shelving systems are robust and easy to clean: it's enough to simply go over them with a feather duster or a damp cloth from time to time. You do not necessarily have to remove books or plates from the shelf for this, and you don't need cleaning spray for this either. For uncoated modules, small stains can be carefully sanded away with fine sandpaper.