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stocubo for testing

The modular shelving system has already convinced you, but you just need a final test to be fully convinced? No problem! We know the feeling. Sometimes you want to see the color in front of your walls, or run your fingers over the quality of the material. We are happy to send you samples and trial packages to your home.

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Our color swatches - free of charge:

The entire color palette at a glance

You can order our color samples individually, or as a set, and then coordinate the color(s) of your choice with your rooms and furniture at your leisure. Just select the samples you want to test, and we will send them to you, free of charge.

Pssst: Our color samples are - in line with our sustainability strategy - perfectly suitable as coasters, e.g. for glasses. Of course, you can also send the samples back to us and we will give them a second life.

Order color sample

3by2, grau

Our sample package:

One shelf module including color sample and brackets.

Take the first steps to creating your own modular shelving system and order your stocubo trial package now, consisting of:

→ 1:1 cube
→ color samples of all available colors
→ Aluminum & plastic clamp

If the cube does not convince you, you can return the package to us free of charge within 100 days.

Order sample package

Our pastel colors

The stocubo color palette ranges from silky grey to soft vanilla yellow
Muster, Farben, Pastellfarben, Regal für Taschenbücher, Schubladen, Halbe Tiefe, Vanillegelb, Bücher, Pflanze, Stuhl, Bunte Kunststoffklammer, Pinguin, bunt, beige, Quadrat
Vanilla Yellow

Our shade vanilla yellow is a delicate, sutble yellow that radiates warmth. In combination with earth-colored tones, it feels almost Mediterranean. This helps us get through even the most dreary winter months!

Muster, Farben, Pastellfarben, Shlafzimmer-Kommode, Türen, Schubladen, Hochkant, Skulptur, Kopf, beige, grau, Quadrat
Cashmere Grey

Our shade cashmere grey is a warm tone between vintage pink, grey and beige. Just like its inspiration, the soft, noble cashmere blanket, our cashmere grey makes the room cozier, radiates calm and matches almost all color schemes.

Muster, Farben, Pastellfarben, stocubo Bücherregal, Wohnzimmer, Vorhang, Pflanzen, Bücher, Lampe, Licht, Magnum, Ittala, Vase, Alligator, grün, beige, rot, gelb, gold, Quadrat
Pistachio Green

Our shade of pistachio green makes us reminisce about enjoying pistachio ice cream in late summer, somewhere on a sunny piazza. This shade is soft, guaranteed to deliver good vibes and comes into its own especially when combined with bright, reddishD tones.

Muster, Farben, Pastellfarben, Schuhschrank blau, Flur, Einschübe, Schuhe, Lampe, vanillegelb, Quadrat
Denim Blue

Our shade of denim blue feels like the soft washed-out blue of a classic pair of jeans, or the smooth surface of a swimming pool. This blue glows, contrasting with our cube edges - so eye-catching!

Muster, Farben, Pastellfarben, Würfelregale, stocubo Würfelregal klein, Einschübe, Bücher, Vase, Pflanze, staubgrau, ocher, orange, Quadrat
Dust Grey

Our Dust Grey shade is straightforward and perfect for classic, simple interior design requests. It works especially well in combination with a statement piece, for example as a shelf wall behind the (large) desk. This tone comes out well when combined with greenish and bluish tones.

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