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Icon, Tipps, Idee, Glühbirne, Konfigurator

Here you will find all shelf planning tips to the perfect dream shelf.

Konfigurator, Icon, Module volle Tiefe
Modules full depth

Here you can find all our modules with a depth of 35.6 cm.

Konfigurator, Icon, Module halbe Tiefe
Modules half depth

Here you can find all modules with a depth of 17.8 cm.

Konfigurator, Icon, Regale

Here you can find your latest design and preconfigured shelves sorted by shelf type

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My profile

Use this button to log in if you already have an account with us. Here you can also find your previous designs.

Konfigurator, Icon, Info

Here you can find general info about the configurator.

Konfigurator, Icon, Löschen

If you have selected one or more modules, you can delete them using the trash can button.

Konfigurator, Icon, Rotieren

The selected module is rotated by 90°.

Konfigurator, Icon, Produkt-Info
Product info

Here you can see the product information for the selected module.

Konfigurator, Icon, Speichern

The design is saved via this button and stored in your customer:inside account. You can retrieve it at any time and adjust it again.

Konfigurator, Icon, Kompass

Use the compass to get back to the start position of the camera.

Konfigurator, Icon, Rückgängig

Did you click the wrong button or change your mind? No problem, just click on this button and the last change you made will be undone.

Konfigurator, Icon, Gruppenauswahl & Module bewegen
Group selection & move modules

If you activate this button, you can select several modules and edit or move all of them at once.

Konfigurator, Icon, Warenkorb
Shopping cart

Here you can add the shelf to the shopping cart. Then the recommended number of connecting clips and anti-slip pads will be suggested to you.

Konfigurator, Icon, Schwerkraft

This button can be used to turn gravity off and on again. This can be helpful if you want to rebuild the shelf so that not all modules fall to the floor immediately.

Konfigurator, Icon, Dimensionen

Use this button to view the dimensions of your shelf.

Konfigurator, Icon, Neues Projekt
New project

If you want to delete all modules in the configurator and design a new shelf, click this button.

Konfigurator, Icon, Regale
Load projects

If you have already saved shelf designs in your account, you can load them again here and continue editing them.

Konfigurator, Icon, Speichern

Here you can save your current design and rename it as you please.

Module settings

You can see all options for the currently selected module or a group of modules here

Konfigurator, Config Panel, Optionen, Zubehör


Our cubes are available with the following edges:

Farben, Kanten, Natur, Konfigurator
Farben, Kanten, Schwarz, Konfigurator

Drawer units and doors

The following colors can be selected for our slide-in units and doors:

Farben, Einschübe, Weiß, Farben, Konfigurator

RAL: 9010

Farben, Einschübe, Vanillegelb, Konfigurator
Vanilla yellow

RAL: 1015
Pantone: /
NCS: S0907-Y10R

Farben, Einschübe, Kaschmir, Farben, Konfigurator
Cashmere gray

RAL: /
Pantone: 406U
NCS: S2005-Y60R

Farben, Einschübe, Pistaziengrün, Farben, Konfigurator
Pistachio green

RAL: /
Pantone: 5527U
NCS: S2005-G20Y

Farben, Einschübe, Denimblau, Farben, Konfigurator
Denim blue

RAL: /
Pantone: 651U
NCS: S3010-R90B

Farben, Einschübe, Staubgrau, Konfigurator
Dust gray

HEX: 8E9391
RAL: 7037
Pantone: 423U
NCS: S5000-N

Other options

Konfigurator, Icon, Licht

This is how you make your Cubes shine.

Konfigurator, Icon, Wandhängung
Wall suspension

The Cubes can be easily converted into a wall shelf with wall suspensions.

Konfigurator, Icon, Fachboden / Zwischenseite
Shelf / intermediate side

Some of our Cubes can be supplemented with a shelf or intermediate side.

Konfigurator, Icon, Kabelbohrung
Cable drilling

Most of our modules can be equipped with cable holes so that the cables can be hidden behind the shelf.

Konfigurator, Icon, Adapter

Single boxes can be connected to other modules with the help of a socket.

Regalsystem, 2:1 Modul, grauer Hintergrund, Ordenr
2:1 Modules

Due to the long, unstable base and the thickness of the material, the 2:1 modules aren't suitable under heavier weight.

They should therefore only be positioned in the upper part of the shelf. Alternatively, we offer loose intermediate sides in the store or to install a fixed middle side as additional support. 2:1 modules are only suitable for wall suspension when holding lighter objects.

1:1 Modul, Vinyl, LP, Schallplatten, grauer Hintergrund
LP shelves

The square 1:1 modules are suitable to support the heavy weight of vinyls.

2:1 modules, on the other hand, are not designed for holding considerable weight, so should not be planned in for your record rack.

Grundplatte, Ordner, weiß
Base plates

Often the floor has small differences in height. With the help of the height-adjustable feet, you can compensate for around 1 cm.

These are also necessary when you plan cubes with doors in the bottom row, so that the doors do not drag on the floor when opening and closing. In addition, we also offer roller plates in the store.

Aluminiumklammer, Probepaket, Regalsystem
Connection clamps

During the checkout process, the recommended number of clamps is automatically calculated for you. Our guideline is 2 clamps per cube (except for wall suspension).

You can choose between aluminum connecting brackets, intended for front mounting, or plastic for rear use. For color accents, our colorful plastic clips are suitable.

Flur, Sideboard, Wandregal, weiß
Wall suspension

Cubes that are to be suspended on the wall can be made to hang using the small screw in the options area. Cubes can be hung on the long and short sides with a rail system.

Note: The wall suspensions are not suitable for anti-tipping in connection with stacking shelves.

Konfigurator, Tipps, Kippschutz, L-Winkel

Shelves stacked high can also be fastened to the wall with an L-bracket from the hardware store as an anti-tipper, which is only necessary in individual cases with half depth cubes.

Note: Our wall suspensions are not suitable as anti-tippers in conjunction with stacking shelves.