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XXL desk assembly instructions

With our new XXL desk, we want to remain as modular and flexible as possible on the one hand, but also offer a particularly secure stand for the large work surface, even on uneven floors. We have therefore fitted the front part of the modules with additional connecting pins and screws. This makes the assembly of the XXL desk a little more complex than usual for stocubo - but with these instructions, it's still very easy!

XXL-Schreibtisch, Aufbauanleitung, Anleitung, Zubehör


A. Anti-slip pads
B. Underlay disc for adjusting screw
C. Adjusting screw
D. Screw
E. Connecting pin
F. Allen screw
G. Plastic clip
H. Base plate clip
I. Velcro cable tie

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Regulierschraube, Grundplatte, Schritt 1


First screw the adjusting screws into the base plates. Ideally, screw all the screws in so far that they are flush with the plate. This makes it easier to align the base plates.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Abstand, Schritt 2


Depending on which side you want to have the double row of cubes, align the base plates and make sure that there is always a 76.8 cm gap between the plates. It helps to place a long spirit level on the floor in advance to directly identify potential unevenness.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Grundplatte, Wasserwaage, Schritt 3


Now take the Allen key and align the individual base plates. Start with the double row. Use a spirit level to check that the base plates are level in both width and depth. If your floor is very uneven, you can use the underlay disc (B) to highten the adjusting screws slightly if necessary.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Grundplatte, Waaserwaage, Schritt 4


Once you have aligned all the base plates, place a long spirit level on the three base plates and make sure that everything is level. If you do not have a long spirit level, you can alternatively use the desk top or a long strip and place a small spirit level on it. Depending on the floor, one of the sides may need to be aligned afterwards so that all base plates are at the same level.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Grundplatte, Grundplatteklammer, Schritt 5


Now connect the base plates with the base plate clips (H).

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Anti-Rutsch-Pads, Schritt 6


Place the anti-slip pads on the corners. We recommend six pads per base plate.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Schritt, Schritt 7


Now it gets easier. Stack the modules from back to front and clip the rear modules to the base plates.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 8


Place pads here too. We recommend four per small module and six per large module.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 9, EN


The drawers must now be removed. To do this, pull the drawer out completely and push the two orange handles under the drawer outwards. You can now simply lift out the drawers.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 10


Now stack the remaining modules on top of each other. Do not forget the anti-slip pads between the drawer modules. To ensure that the modules hold together securely, insert the supplied connecting pins (E) into the drill holes in the front modules.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 11


Now turn the desk top over and screw on the cable cover with the screws (D). Note that we have pre-drilled several holes so that you can decide which side the double row of cubes should be on.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 12


You have almost done it. Now place the desk top so that the markings are exactly on the corners of the modules.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Inbusschraube, Schreibtischplatte, Schritt 13


Screw the Allen screws (F) through the upper modules from below into the desk top and tighten them with the Allen key. The screws may not find their thread in the top immediately. In this case, the desk top may need to be moved slightly.

Anleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 14


To complete the desk, you need to insert the drawers back again. To do this, simply place the drawers on the rails and push them all the way to the back. The drawers must engage on both sides. You will hear a clear "click".

Anleitungen, XXL-Schreibtisch Aufbauanleitung, Geschafft, Schritt 15


Done - your XXL desk is now ready for all challenges!

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