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in Neuheiten, Feb 16

Didn't we all hear early on that "order is half the battle"? After a few rebellious adolescent years, it then often became clear: A little basic structure definitely helps to navigate through life well. All the better if your children learn the spark of truth behind the saying from an early age. We are happy to support you with the first modular children's wardrobe from stocubo!

Kinderregale, Kinderzimmer, Kinderschrank, Kommode

(Short-term) order and structure in the children's room

Our modular wardrobe for the children's room is designed so that even smaller children can independently pick out their toys and clothes and, in the best case, put them away again.

Expandable at any time

The basic version of the stocubo children's wardrobe consists of two chest of drawers modules and a 2:1 module with a shelf, on which two 1:1 doors are screwed. By adding and removing additional modules, the wardrobe can easily grow with the child.

Product Page, 2:1 Modul mit Tür, 1:2 Modul Modul Doppelte Breite mit Schublade, 2:3 Modul Doppelte Breite mit Schublade, Tür

Colorful, colorful, colorful are all my closets

For doors and drawer fronts, you or your children have a free choice from the stocubo pastel color palette. Our soft colors also blend in wonderfully with colorful children's rooms!

With the Pimpads sticker set, the closets can be customized beyond color and shape. We offer two designs from Pimpads: the Geometry sticker set and the Summer sticker set.

Pimpad-Stickers, Geometrie, Schrank, vanillegelb
Storage space for big and small:

With stocubo you design furniture suitable for children that grows with them throughout their lives.

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