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in Neuheiten, Jun 01

Every year, we look forward to presenting our lovingly designed children's furniture on International Children's Day. But this year, the current situation in Gaza has given us pause. On 7 October, we were horrified to see the immeasurable suffering of the victims of Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel. Since then, however, the spiral of violence has continued. In view of the appalling situation of the people affected on the ground, we feel it is important to look beyond our own backyard and make at least a small contribution.

Internationaler Kindertag 2024, 5x4

As a company that cares deeply about the well-being and development of children, we feel a special responsibility to utilize our resources and reach. That is why we have launched a special campaign for Children's Day: For every purchase over 400€ with the promotional code KIDSINGAZA, we are offering a 10% discount* on our furniture until June 4, 2024. In addition, 15% of sales will go to Save the children, which provides urgently needed help for children on the ground.

We are aware that our campaign will of course not fundamentally change the situation of the children in Gaza. Nevertheless, we are convinced that even small contributions are important and can contribute to the well-being of the children affected. Our support is in no way intended to diminish the unspeakable suffering inflicted on the Israeli population by the terrorist attack on October 7, but simply to draw attention to the plight of the children who are completely uninvolved.

If you would also like to get involved, we recommend the following organizations that are making a difference on the ground:

1. Cadus Help:

Committed to innovative and sustainable projects in crisis areas. → Learn more

2. Unicef:

Advocates for children's rights worldwide and provides life-saving aid in Gaza. → Help now

3. Standing Together

Mobilizes Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel for peace and social justice. → Support now

Get involved now and make a difference

By joining our campaign or donating directly to these organizations, you are helping to bring much-needed aid to one of the most affected areas in the world.

*The promotion is valid for all orders from June 01 to June 04, 2024.

Please enter discount code KIDSINGAZA below the shopping cart. Cannot be combined with other promotions and vouchers.