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in zu Besuch bei, November 10, 2020
Koop, , Home-Office, Schreibtisch, Home-Office Regal, F3 Modul, Schubladenset 3-Teilig, Newniq
Koop, Newniq
Koop, Newniq
Koop, Newniq, Schreibtischplatte

Newniq co-founder Judith demonstrates the variability of our shelving system

Working from home has become a big topic again in recent weeks - and not just at stocubo. Mainly because it is clear that this time it will take longer and working in the office will only be possible in isolated cases.

So it's all the better for us today to present a home office designed with stocubo modules that has put the benefits of our modular and flexible shelving to the test:

Over four years ago, the founders of the lifestyle and interior blog Newniq, Julia and Judith, felt like a change in their office. Always on the lookout for the latest trends themselves, a stocubo shelf seemed the ideal solution for their rapidly changing (aesthetic) requirements.

Less than two years later, Judith was confronted with a move to a new apartment and a sloping roof. Our shelf, which had since been converted into a living room shelf in Judith's old apartment, moved with her and proved to be the ideal decorative and storage space under the sloping roof. The versatility of our stacking system really comes into its own with Judith's selected accessories.

This spring, Judith, like many others, had to get serious: Working from the kitchen or the couch is possible at times, but by no means a permanent solution. An extension to her stocubo shelf was needed. She was even able to stay true to our design for a desk solution, as stocubo now offers table tops in two different sizes. A few drawer units, a hanging shelf and a few simple steps later, the home office station was ready. Not even the challenging position under the sloping roof detracts from productivity.

We are really happy about the beautiful interplay between our office modules and the design objects selected by Newniq and are already looking forward to the next challenge for our shelving system.

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