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in Neuheiten, January 02, 2023

stocubo wardrobe

For a classic wardrobe, simply stack two cabinet modules on top of each other. To ensure that nothing comes loose during assembly at home, we take care of most of the assembly in our Berlin workshop, so that all you have to do is fasten the modules with connecting screws and click in the doors. All you need for this is a screwdriver.

Schränke, stocubo Kleiderschrank, 2:2 Modul, mit Türen, pistaziengrün
Schränke, Kleiderschrank, 2:2 Modul, offene Türen, Pistaziengrün, Kleider, 3by2

stocubo drawer cabinet

Do you have a lot of small items to store? Then combine our cabinet module with one of our chests of drawers and configure a drawer cabinet in the desired height and front colors of your choice! Here, too, you need nothing more than a screwdriver for assembly.

Product Page, Schubladenschrank klein, 2:2 Modul, mit Türen, Kommode mit 2:3 Schubladen, weiß
Schlafzimmer, Schränke, Schubladenschrank, 2:2 Modul, mit Türen, Kommode mit 2:3 + 1:2 Schubladen, weiß, rosa
Kategorien, Kleiderschrank, kaschmirgrau, 3by2
Schubladenschrank, kaschmirgrau, 3by2