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Our XXL desk harmoniously combines order and efficiency. Whether office, home office or creative workshop - this desk is the (very chic) answer to document chaos and piles of folders.

Home Office, Büro, XXL-Schreibtisch

Productivity maximized

Always have your chaos in view, whether filing or during a creative process: our desk combines functionality and style and allows quite a bit of freedom. All features can be found here at a glance:

1. Storage space

Three 2:1 modules with intermediate sides provide generous storage space for folders, while wide drawer modules and an F3 module keep work materials close at hand. Annoying shelves in the back become superfluous - everything fits in here.

Home Office, XXL-Schreibtisch

2 Module flexibility

The interchangeable modules allow the desk to be designed according to individual preferences. Thus, it can be placed against the wall, but also in the middle of the room.

Home Office, XXL-Schreibtisch, Kabelblende, furniture file interior house home office furniture room furnishing 3d shelf

3. Large work surface

The tabletop is 1860 x 725 mm and offers enough space for all the technical equipment and the big projects that still need to be put on paper.

Home Office, XXL-Schreibtisch, Zubehör, Laptopständer

4. Stability

The innovative clamp system, anti-slip pads and connecting pins ensure stable assembly. All parts are included in the delivery.

Home Office, XXL-Schreibtisch, Kabelblende

5. Cable management

The cable cover and Klett cable ties ensure a tidy work surface. Simply thread in the annoying cables, fasten them and the annoying cable tangle is hidden.

Home Office, XXL-Schreibtisch, Zubehör, Kabelblende

6. Quality and design

The XXL desk not only offers a lot of functionality, but its attractive design also makes it a real eye-catcher and ensures peace in any room - for a very long time.

Home Office, XXL-Schreibtisch, Zubehör, Kabelblende, Laptopständer

7. Misappropriation

Home Office, Sideboards, XXL-Schreibtisch, Flexibles Sideboard

The desk is no longer needed? No problem, you can build a chic sideboard or bookshelf from the shelves under your desk in no time.

Home Office, Büroregale, XXL-Schreibtisch, Home Office Highboard

So if the circumstances at home or in the office change, you can easily convert your stocubo furniture.

Storage space non-stop:

With our XXL desk you bring order into every office.

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