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Show your cubes in the right light. Put your cubes in the limelight with our integrated lighting and create aesthetic features – by day and night! Selected cube formats with built-in LED lighting are available on request starting now. Small lights are attached almost invisibly to the upper inside of the cube. LEDs are available in the color super warm white and can be dimmed through ten levels by remote control.

Power is supplied via a power pack. Up to six illuminated cubes can be connected to the distributor and controlled together. For the connecting cable of the LED strip, we drilled a tiny hole in the back wall of the respective module, through which the power cable is laid – well hidden and invisible from the front. The modules are delivered fully assembled. All you have to do is connect the cables and connect it to the power supply – done!

Starting up your illuminated cubes is

Simply plug the four supplied components together as follows:

Plug the cables from the LED strips (A) already installed in the cubes into the 6-way distributor (B). It doesn't matter if you only need one slot or all six. Now connect the distributor to the radio receiver (C) for the remote control (D). Then connect the radio receiver (C) to the power supply unit (E). In the final step, connect the power supply unit (E) to the socket – done.

In the figure above the correct order is shown again. And don't worry: as the plug connections are not reversed, you can't make any mistakes when you're connecting.


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