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New soft-close doors for your cubes. Open and close gently! With the innovative soft-close doors for our modular shelf cubes we fulfil many (customer) desires. We promise controlled braking of the doors when closing – without banging or noise. Prevention of uncontrolled slamming means that no damage is caused to the frame and door leaf. This also minimizes the risk of injury from trapped fingers.

Retrofit doors – drilling instructions


Place the template on the inside edge of the cube

The template is placed flush with the edge of the cube (holes parallel to the edge of the cube). The distance between the holes and the outer edges of the template is identical in all directions. Now drill 2 holes into the side of the cube with a 5 mm drill. The maximum depth must not exceed 9 mm.

Caution: If necessary, it is advisable to use a small adhesive strip to mark a depth stop on the drill to prevent drilling through. (9 mm depth + 5 mm template = 14 mm marking on the drill)


Attach the cross plates to the cube

The cross plates are placed on the pre-drilled holes and fastened with the screws provided.

Caution: Screw in the screws with pressure from above, only turning them slowly to prevent them from tearing out.


Attaching the hinges

The supplied hinges are screwed to the inside of the door with the plastic dowels already attached.


Assembling the door

The door, with the hinge already attached, can now be latched into the cross plates from the front and only a little pressure need be applied on the middle of the hinge until it “clicks”.


Odoo • Bild und Text
Odoo • Bild und Text

Adjusting the door

Sometimes the door doesn't sit quite straight on the cube. In this case you can quickly readjust it with one or two turns.

To do this, simply screw the adjusting screws X, Y or Z to the left or right with a Phillips screwdriver and the door is moved accordingly to the left/right (X), up/down (Y), and front back (Z).

Easy-peasy assembly

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