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When it comes to intelligent storage space solutions, wall shelves are at the forefront. Unlike normal standing shelves, you can use the wall however you like – with shelves, but also with empty areas so that there is space for pictures, or simply for beautiful wallpaper that would otherwise hardly be visible. Wall shelves not only create more space for creativity, but also exude a certain airy lightness. The latter is especially the case when shelves (like stocubo shelves) are anchored invisibly in the wall and seem to be floating.

Wall shelves allow their owners to use the space under the shelf for other purposes, significantly improving flexibility for overall interior design. At the same time, when placed at specific points wall shelves can function perfectly as decorative elements. You can replace conventional wall decorations such as pictures or posters with a beautiful vase or a framed photo. An eye-catcher that often steals the show from conventional furniture!

Mounting our cubes on the wall

If you have ordered cubes with wall mounting, the rails are already attached to the cube and are supplied with the carrier plate(s). Use a spirit level to draw a straight line on the wall. Choose the dowels according to your wall texture and drill holes for them. Screw the carrier plate(s) to the wall. Hang the cube with the rail on the carrier plate.

Required wall clip: The recommended screw head size for the wall clip is 4.5 x min. 40 mm.


For this module you need one carrier plate, which is best placed in the middle:

2:3 module, half depth

1:2 module, half depth


For these modules you need two carrier plates each, which are best placed close to the edge:

1:1 module

1:1 module, half depth

1:1 module with door

1:2 module

2:3 module

2:3 module, half depth, double width

2:1 module

2:1 module with door

Note: For full-depth hanging modules, we assume a maximum load of 12 kg for the 1:1 module and 5 kg for the 2:1 module. A door weighs approx. 1 kg.

F3 module

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