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Stack, clamp, done! The stocubo Principle

Building a shelf can be really fun! Don't believe it? Then you probably haven't assembled a stocubo shelf before. With stocubo shelves,“building” is almost an exaggeration: Our cubes are simply stacked next to and on top of one other and put together with the clips. 

Individual modules can also be attached to the wall. No assembly is necessary for stocubo products and, apart from the hanging shelves, no tools are required. Only when aligning the base plates do we recommend using the spirit level and the Allen key provided.

stocubo connecting clips

The different clips connect individual shelf modules with one another – easy-peasy and no tools required!
The clips can be attached to the front and back. Two connecting clips per cube are recommended.

Base plate clips

Special clips for the easy and secure connection of different base plates to one another. These are included automatically with every base plate.

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Aluminium clips

Elegantly simple aluminium clips that hold two modules together and combines function and aesthetics.

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Plastic clips

The flexible material of the plastic clamps holds cubes tightly and is particularly suitable for attachment to the rear, where it provides extra stability.

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How to correctly assemble your stocubo


Adjust the base plate using the spirit level and Allen key

Place the base plates next to each other in the shelf's future position and connect the base plates using the corresponding clips. Now place the spirit level on each base plate and adjust the feet with the help of the Allen key so that the base plates are straight at all points.


Move the base plate 10 cm from the wall

so you can easily attach the cubes from behind with the clips. If you only want to fix the shelf with clamps from the front, you can of course start assembly immediately.


Assemble the first row of cubes

First place only the bottom row of cubes on the base plates and connect them from behind on all sides with the clips.


Brace the next rows

Now stack the next row of cubes and connect them again on all sides with clips. This is how you build your shelf, row by row. If necessary, you can also attach clips at the front or back. This is particularly useful on very uneven floors.


Push the finished shelf back against the wall

When your shelf is finished, all you have to do is push it back against the wall. To do this, place it on the base plates and push the whole shelf evenly. For larger shelves, it is best to work in pairs.


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