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Find answers to frequently asked questions about stocubo, our processes and special information on the various types of shelves.

 1. Shipping and delivery

How long is the delivery time?

A stocubo means workmanship and many production steps of precise manual work, carried out in a small space. Therefore our delivery time is 4-7 weeks (as of 03/2023). However, we send trial packages immediately. 

Large orders are delivered by shipping companies, and smaller orders are delivered by DHL, or by Cosmo Kurier within Berlin. We will inform you immediately by email as soon as your order is ready for dispatch so that you can prepare for the delivery. If you'll be away during the regular delivery hours, we can plan the shipment for when you're definitely at home.

Can I pick up my order myself?
You can then pick up your cubes yourself at Hall 3, Gottschedstraße 4, 13357 Berlin (on the premises of ExRotaprint). However, since we have to produce every order first, please make an appointment for the collection with our customer service at (030) 232 56 01 80.

During our opening hours (9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday) you are welcome to visit us at any time at our showroom at Exerzierstraße 14, 13357 Berlin. It is not necessary to make an appointment by telephone. We will be delighted to give you detailed advice and help you plan your stocubo system.
Can you deliver to a packing station?
Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to packing stations. Smaller orders (up to approx. 10 cubes) are delivered in packages the size of a moving box by DHL Go Green and weigh approx. 10-15 kg. The capacity of boxes in packing stations is not sufficient for packages of this size.
Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to the following countries within Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Spain, Italy, France and Denmark. If you would like us to deliver to another country, we will determine the forwarding price and then contact you.
Deliveries to Switzerland
The German VAT of 19% is not charged for deliveries to Switzerland. We will cover the costs of customs clearance on the German side for you. Switzerland also charges for import clearance and other processing fees; these will be billed to you by the shipping company on the Swiss side along with Swiss VAT. These additional costs depend on the size of the order and usually vary from 50 to 100 CHF.

 2. Returns and transport damage

How can I return my order ?

You can cancel the purchase contract within 100 days of receiving the goods. Please send us a short email to [email protected] stating your order number. We will immediately inform you of the further necessary steps by email. If you are returning goods, we will of course assume the shipping costs. Please do not send goods back to us without prior agreement so that we can organise collection from you via our logistics partner.

What do I do if the goods are damaged?
We check all products and packaging before dispatch and only send defect-free goods. If goods are damaged in transit, we will of course compensate you for this damage immediately at no cost to yourself.

If goods are delivered with obvious transport damage, please notify the DHL delivery agent or the shipping agent of this immediately and have it noted by the delivery service on the bill of delivery. We then ask you to inform us as soon as possible by telephone on (030) 232 56 01 80 or by email to [email protected]

If you fail to report transport damage immediately to the shipping agent or to us, this of course does not affect your statutory warranty rights. However, you are helping us to assert our own claims against the shipping company.
Damage report for delivery by DHL
When receiving shipment s from DHL, please report errors to the DHL delivery agent immediately. When submitting a complaint to us, please take photos of the damaged cubes and, if applicable, the packaging and contact us as soon as possible by phone at (030) 232 56 01 80 or by email at [email protected] We will replace the damaged modules as soon as possible.
Damage report for delivery by a shipping agent
If damage to the packaging is already apparent upon delivery by the forwarding agent, we ask that you notify the supplier of this and only accept receipt if it has been noted on the forwarding agent's delivery note that the external appearance of the packaging indicates damage. If you actually find damage to the packaging, please take a photo of the entire pallet showing the damage and note on the delivery note that the packaging is damaged. You can then accept the modules.

If it turns out when unpacking that the goods themselves are undamaged, all the better! If the goods are damaged, please contact us as soon as possible on (030) 232 56 01 80 or by email to [email protected], and we will discuss how to proceed. Thanks very much!

3. Orders

How does the order process work?

You will receive an automatic order confirmation from us by email immediately after placing your order. On the next working day we send you an order confirmation with all details regarding payment and delivery by email. If this does not happen, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at( 030) 232 56 01 80

As soon as we receive your payment we can start producing the cubes and then send them to you. We will contact you as soon as your order has been handed over to the shipping company.

Can I also get stocubo in stores?
You can view our cubes live and in colour and try STACKING them yourself at the stocubo showroom in Berlin-Wedding. We will be delighted to advise you on-site about individual solutions and our system's countless combination options. We have made a conscious decision to use direct sales in order to avoid the costs of dealer distribution, with high dealer margins, and to allow us to offer you the best price-performance ratio.
What happens with my data?
The protection of your data and your privacy is extremely important to us. We therefore collect, process and use your personal data only within the scope of German data protection law and only insofar as this is necessary for processing orders. We also reserve the right to use the data for our own advertising purposes, provided this is legally permissible. In addition, we only save, process and use your personal data if you have given us your express consent to do so. We do not pass on your data to external third parties.

4. Features and materials

How is a stocubo unit assembled?

It's really simple: unpack, stack, attach clip(s).

How heavy a load can I put in hanging cubes?
The maximum load depends on the module: half-depth cubes (ideal for bookshelves or CD racks, for example) can be completely filled with books or CDs/DVDs. For full-depth shelf modules we assume a maximum load of 12 kg for the 1:1 module and 5 kg for the 2:1 module.
How do I set up my stocubo unit when the floor is uneven?
In this case, we offer base plates with adjustable feet: simply place the base plates next to one another, align them using a spirit level, and place the modules on the plates.
What do I need connecting clips for?
Although stocubo also works without clips, the clips help to firmly connect cubes to one another. Once a shelf has been fully filled up, the clips are not always absolutely necessary. You can then do without them if necessary. In principle, however, the following applies: the more daring the configuration, the more clips you should use!
Can I attach stocubo units to the wall?
Yes you can! We have developed an invisible, easily attachable wall mount. But it doesn't work entirely without tools, because two screws have to be dowelled into the wall. However, the wall mount is intended more to attach individual cubes, instead of a full wall shelf, to the wall. To hang an entire shelf on the wall, every single cube would have to be attached to the wall precisely using a spirit level and screws. So this can sometimes be a minor challenge for the wall and the installer!

Note: Our wall mounts are not suitable as tilt protection for stacking shelves. Highly stacked shelves can also be attached to the wall using an L-brackets from hardware stores as an anti-tip device – but this is only necessary in individual cases, for example with half-depth modules, particularly high shelves or particularly sloping floors.
How high can I stack my stocubo?
You are more limited by the height of the room than by us: while you can stack cubes without limit, the laws of physics and gravity should be taken into account. From a height of around 2.5 metres, some of the cubes should be attached to the wall using a small clip from the hardware store as an anti-tip device.

Attention: Our wall clips, on the other hand, are not suitable as anti-tip devices because they cannot be combined with stacking shelves.
What is MDF?
MDF is a wood product. A homogeneous material is produced from shredded softwood through pressing. This board material can be processed very precisely and is ideal for stocubo. You can find out more about MDF on Wikipedia.
Does stocubo produce elements from materials other than MDF?
We manufacture our shelf modules exclusively from PEFC-certified MDF. This is the only way we can produce to the high standard that we are used to from stocubo. We cannot sustainably include other materials, such as multiplex, in the range and, due to large fluctuations in quality, no longer offer them.
Wall mounting
Cubes can be hung on their long and short sides using a rail system. The wall mounts are not suitable as tilt protection when stacking shelves.

The maximum load depends on the module: half-depth cubes (ideal for e.g. bookshelves or CD shelves) can be completely filled with books or CDs/DVDs. For full-depth shelf modules we assume a maximum load of 12 kg for the 1:1 module and 5 kg for the 2:1 module.