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Fair cubes at fair prices:
how we shape the future sustainably

Our wood supply chain: sustainable, not wooden

We work closely with our wood supplier EGGER, who is committed to sustainable forest management. The wood in our panels is produced according to high ecological and social standards and is 100% certified across the entire product chain. All stocubo elements are therefore made of PEFC-certified wood, which comes from sustainable German and French forestry.

And we put sustainability a step further: for every tree that is processed in our MDF panels, we donate 4 new trees. This is how we preserve our forests for future generations.


Our credo: produce locally, get involved in the neighborhood

We manufacture exclusively in Berlin-Wedding - we are very proud of it. The main reason for this was the desire to create fair, inclusive jobs in our neighborhood. Experienced craftsmen, young refugees, people with disabilities and team members of all ages make up our community.

A proud team that celebrates differences and learns from each other in order to work together in flat hierarchies on a product that we all believe in. At the same time, we live inclusion beyond our own company: stocubo supports local schools and day-care centers with project days, workshop visits and donations and thus actively participates in neighborhood life.

On the way to zero waste: production to order

We are a manufacturer in the heart of Berlin with limited capacities. In order to use this as efficiently as possible, we only produce to order. This means that we only produce what customers have actually ordered. In this way we guarantee that there are no superfluous goods in our warehouses that have to be disposed of at the end.

Of course, this also means that the delivery time is sometimes the full six to eight weeks - but we are usually faster. And also: time is relative. Especially those that you spend in anticipation of our timeless classics.


A lifelong companion

We are often our own harshest critics when it comes to keeping our fair production local and of high quality. This motivates us to question the status quo again and again.

Our handmade products should be able to be used and passed on for a lifetime. In our vision, our modules grow with people from the children's room to living in a shared apartment to their own apartment.


Timeless design lasts better

We belong to the slow design movement and do not use fast-moving trends in our concept. Anyone who has our modules in their home will quickly notice how versatile our cubes can be.

The design adapts to you and your needs and can also convince where it was not originally intended. Thanks to the reduced design and the innovative clamp mechanism, the cubes can be assembled, dismantled and rebuilt as often as required without the wood suffering.

The reduction of the ecological footprint

At stocubo, we are constantly working to implement sustainability at all levels. We have been using only green electricity from renewable energy sources with Greenpeace Energy for 10 years. We send our cubes climate-neutral with DHL Go Green. When it comes to packaging, we use environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard upholstery as much as possible. Our customers in Berlin also have the option of handing back the shipping boxes for reuse (simply email [email protected] ). And in the stocubo office there is almost exclusively used IT equipment and, of course, our coffee is fair trade.

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Are you curious, and would you like to have a look at our stocubo system? If you are in Berlin, visit our showroom:

Exerzierstr. 14, 13357 Berlin.

Our opening times:
Mon - Fri 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

+49 (0)30 219 131 96
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