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Leading record shelves from stocubo 

The perfect container for your records / LPs

The classic vinyl record has experienced an impressive revival in recent years. Or have they just never gone away?

How else can it be explained that thousands of collectors own huge record shelves full of black discs? Whether you're an old-school vinyl fan with an extensive record collection or you've just discovered analogue records: Choose a shelving system for your treasures. Shelving system that is precisely tailored to your needs.
Modular furniture in the stocubo design offers the optimal storage for LPs. A record shelf that can be adapted over the years like your taste in music.

With its changeable modules, the shelf offers numerous options for combination and composition and can be permanently expanded. We support music lovers with our shelf Configurator for designing a perfectly adapted record shelf. Because what a shelf for LPs must be able to achieve in its details differs from collection to collection. 

Do you want to sort your records by genre, for example? The cube design helps you to keep records of a single genre together. stocubo record shelves offer both storage space and a stage for the presentation of your favorite vinyl – with the open-top flip-through box. This is where the music plays. 

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Overview of selected record shelves

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Single box

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LP box

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* Price includes plastic clips only. Aluminium clips can also be ordered.

stocubo Regal-Konfigurator

Build shelves at home and everywhere with our configurator

It's easy to plan your modular shelf system yourself with the stocubo configurator Please read through our tips so that your shelves are realisable later and to avoid misunderstandings during planning.

Download our shelf configurator to your smartphone or tablet!


Sample kit

Lay the foundation for your own modular shelf system and see for yourself. Order your stocubo trial package now! Consists of:

1:1 module
Samples of all available colours
Aluminium and plastic clips

stocubo Probepaket

The record shelf with groove

If records were allowed to choose where they want to live, then they would definitely choose a shelving system from stocubo. We love vinyl! Designing a perfect plate shelf was therefore one of our stated goals from the start. Even more: We support music lovers in designing their perfect record shelf. Because what an LP shelf must be able to do individually differs from collection to collection. 

Record shelves for collectors 

Those who proudly carry new LPs home in a cloth bag want to know that their purchase is just as safe at home as they are in the record store. The record is the ultimate collector's item: beautiful, sought-after and with added value. 

Record shelves from stocubo are an excellent choice to present them in proper style. They bring a certain nonchalance, which is essential when storing records. 


LP-Box: The record store for your home 

Basically, an unlimited number of records fit into a stocubo LP shelf. How so? Quite simply: each shelf consists of individual modules that can be combined as desired and of course expanded. As your record collection grows, so does your record shelf. About 50 to 70 normal records fit into a 1:1 cube. A 2:3 cube offers space for up to 100 singles (7 “, standard cover without a dust jacket)! 

The exact number depends on the thickness of the panels, and it varies from board to board. The classic for LPs is our 1:1 Cube, the format of which is specifically geared to the size of records. The 2:3 module is made for 7 “pressings. If you like it neatly, you can also put the modules upright. This results in a clear, but nonetheless unusual look for a shelf. 

Capacity? Hi-Fi! 

The most obvious homage to vinyl found among the stocubo modules is the  flip-through box. One of our first customers has this  LP-Box tested. So you can get that record store feeling right into your living room. The box is open at the top and has sloping sides. 

Like the 1: 1 Cube, it also offers space for 50 to 70 LPs! The LP box is ideal for leafing through records and for storing recently heard and not yet re-sorted LPs. The flip-through box is the perfect complement to one  stocubo shelving system, so to say an optical recapitulation that can be set up individually anywhere. 

Record shelves of our customers 

Click through our customer picture gallery and discover how different LP shelves from stocubo can look!

Resilience of our record shelves

Anyone who has been dealing with the subject of vinyl shelves for a long time knows: 

An essential feature is the resilience. Here owners of stocubo shelves enjoy a decisive advantage. Our LP shelves can easily support the heavy weight of vinyl. They are made to be fully loaded! We use sturdy panels that are pressed from high quality wood. 

These plates are 1.2 centimeters thick and accordingly robust and durable. Base plates provide additional stability for large record shelves. With 2:1 modules, we recommend intermediate sides that prevent the cubes from sagging. Our 1:1 cubes are ideal for records. 

The material of our shelves 

Just as a really good song is still popular even after decades, the ravages of time can hardly harm our record shelves either. 

We rely on high-quality material, more precisely: on unbreakable and flexureproof wood from PEFC-certified German forests. From this, we use a very detail-oriented and low-emission manufacturing process to build stable LP shelves that accompany our customers for many years - ideally for a lifetime. When building and selling our record shelves, we pay attention to maximum sustainability at every step and ensure an overall optimal price-performance ratio.

That's why stocubo!

Our record shelves made in Berlin are very popular with both record shops and private collectors. No wonder: stocubo LP shelves are ideal for storing vinyl. In addition, there is the enormous flexibility of the record shelves: All modules can be combined with one another as desired. 

This creates unmistakable individual pieces, as individual as the respective record collection. The cubes are developed precisely for LPs and singles. The fact that stocubo vinyl shelves can be set up within minutes is another plus point that has convinced many record owners. 

Selection and construction of our panel shelves

At stocubo there are no prefabricated record shelves, but various modules that you can put together to create the perfect LP shelf according to your needs. Our shelf configurator will help you here, where you can easily try out different variants on the screen. The construction of the shelves is just as easy: place the individual cubes next to or on top of each other and fix them with the supplied metal clips. For normal, floor-standing record shelves, you don't need to drill or screw. 

Do you want your record shelves to be able to do more than just store vinyl? Then you are at the right address at stocubo too: We have a large selection of multifunctional modules in different sizes and depths. Here you will find suitable solutions for CDs and DVDs, but also for books and files.


Frequently asked questions about our record shelves

How are stocubo record shelves set up?

Setting up one of our record shelves takes no longer than listening to an LP. In most cases it is even faster! Simply stack the cubes together in the shape of the vinyl shelf you want and clip them together with the metal connections. Your new LP shelf is ready and it is time for a little hi-fi enjoyment! We recommend using a spirit level and screwdriver to align the base plates. 

What are the exact dimensions of the stocubo record shelves?

Since you put together your own record shelf at stocubo, it is always exactly as big as your record collection! At this point we can only give you the dimensions for individual modules. The most suitable for the construction of record shelves are 1:1 cubes and 2:3 cubes and of course our LP boxes. You can find the dimensions of all modules in our online shop.

Outer dimensions
Inner dimensions
1:1 module
35,6 x 36,6 x 35,6cm 
33,2 x 33,2 x 33cm
2:3 module
35,6 x 23,7 x 35,6cm 
33,2 x 21,3 x 33cm 
35,6 x 27,1 x 35,6cm 
33,2 x 24,1 x 33,0cm 

Can the record shelves also be hung on the wall?

Yes, that is possible without any problems. For this you can have stocubo wall rails and suspensions delivered with your new record shelf. The latter are already mounted on the respective modules. All you have to do is attach the rails to the wall and hang the cubes. This turns your LP shelf into a hanging shelf in no time at all. Due to the enormous weight of records, however, we recommend that hanging cubes not be completely loaded with sound carriers. 

How many panels fit in a cube? 

Since records have different strengths, this can only be said approximately. For orientation: A 1:1 cube with internal dimensions 33.2 x 33.2 x 33 centimeters fits around 50 to 70 panels. You can see the exact dimensions of each module in our online shop. Simply click on the respective cube.

Do CDs or DVDs also fit on the LP shelves?

For example our 1: 2 Cube (for CDs) and our 2: 3 Cube (for DVDs). They can be selected either in half or in full depth and can be easily planned in the online configurator. All modules fit together perfectly, so that your new shelf will always have a uniform look. You can read more about this under CD racks and DVD racks.