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3-in-1 mini market toy assembly instructions

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Zubehör


A. Anti-slip pads
B. Adjusting screw
C. Screw
D. Connecting pin
E. Wing screw
F. Plastic clip

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Grundplatte, Schritt 1


Align the base plate straight on the wall using the spirit level.

Aufbauanleitung, XXL-Schreibtisch, Kiezladen, Kiezküche, Anti-Rutsch-Pads, Schritt 2


Place a total of 6 anti-slip pads in each corner and in the middle of a base plate.

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 3


Stack the rear modules as shown in Figure 4, reinforce each with anti-slip pads and secure them from the front or back with the connecting clips (when setting up as a children's kitchen, the modules must be clipped together from behind).

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Bohrloch, Verbindungsbrett, Schritt 3, Hinweis


The side board for stabilization will later be attached to the long module with drill hole; it can be aligned to the left or right.

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Kiezladen-Schild, Schritt 4


Place the sign on top and clip it from behind.

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 5


Place the second base plate in front of the first stack at a distance of 54 cm and align it straight using the spirit level (when assembling as a children's kitchen, the second base plate is placed directly in front of it).

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 6


Stack the front modules as shown in the picture. The 1:2 module with the drill hole must be placed in front of the rear module with the drill hole.

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 7


Fasten the side board with the wing screws (the milling for the side box and the metal ring must face outwards).

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Kästchen, Schritt 7, Hinweis


If the 3-in-1 mini market toy is to be set up as a children's kitchen, the side box for fastening with the screws is used instead of the connecting board.

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 8


Attach the side box to the outside of the side board using the screws.

Anleitung, Kiezladen Aufbauanleitung, Schritt 9


If desired, place the kitchen board on top, clip the faucet, and secure it with connecting clips - and you're done!

Product Page, 3-in-1-Kiezladen, Kind, Mädchen, halbe Tiefe, bunte Kunststoffklammer
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