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in Tipps, Feb 23

The dull grayness of February can really hit the mood. We know it all too well. But don't worry, we have just the thing to bring an extra dose of light and color into your home.

Light accents set
in the dark season

One thing is particularly important during the dark winter days: light. Our innovative light cubes offer the ideal solution for this. They can be seamlessly integrated into any shelf and shine in a pleasant super-warm whiteness. Thanks to the practical remote control, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your needs and create the perfect atmosphere to suit your ambience.

Splashes of color against
the winter greyness

Do you need a change? Longing for color? Our shelves offer you the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of colors. From soothing blue to fresh pistachio green to vibrant bright yellow, our drawer and door color options make it easy to give your home a new look and add a pop of color to gray days. Our colors not only bring joy in winter, but also perfectly complement our timeless design all year round.

Get creative
with stickers

For those who like to get creative and keep redesigning their home, we have another tip: our stickers. With the summer set, you can literally stick over winter and give your shelf a personal touch with colorful flowers and shapes. And it's not just the grown-ups who will love the opportunity to decorate their furniture - especially on days when the weather doesn't permit a visit to the playground.


There are many ways to combat the February blues and transform your home into a feel-good oasis. Whether by adding light, introducing color or expressing your creativity with stickers - small changes can have a big impact. Let yourself be inspired and bring cheerfulness into your four walls with these tips.