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in zu Besuch bei, June 21, 2022

Globetrotter and pug lover Anne started with art history, continued as a make-up artist and is now above all a successful interior blogger. On her Instagram channel, she shares with us her projects in her 1930s house in Brandenburg in eloquent and cheerful posts. Her stocubo shelf is her stage for cherished things. Curtain up!

Koop, Anne x stocubo, Schallplattenregal, Wohnzimmerregal
Koop, Blog, zu Besuch bei, Porträt, Wohnzimmerregale, Sideboards, Schallplattenregale, 3by2

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Anne, 39, and I live the creative chaos whenever I can. There's almost nothing I haven't tried yet and so much I'd still like to do. Interiors, design, colors, vintage furniture, music - these are my passions. I started by studying art and finished with training as a make-up artist. I have been a freelance make-up artist for many years and have worked in film, theater, opera, cruise ships and festivals and have seen a lot of the world. I now only do this on the side and work on a project basis as a permanent freelancer at a Berlin theater.

Where & how do you live?

Rüdiger, our pug, made it possible for my boyfriend and I to decide to turn our backs on Berlin and move to the tranquil Brandenburg countryside. And to swap an old apartment for a 1930s house with a huge garden, which we renovated ourselves. In the meantime, one dog has become two, the previous owners' cat has stayed with us and the "friend" has become the "man". That sounds like the perfect bourgeois life and if someone had predicted this to me six years ago, I would have spontaneously exclaimed "For God's sake!". After an initial culture clash, we feel right at home in our 105 square meter old house and enjoy the peace and quiet away from the bustling city.

Koop, Blog, zu Besuch bei, Wohnzimmerregale, Sideboards, Schallplattenregale

"It's very easy to change its shape (stocubo shelf), orientation and appearance. For someone like me who loves constant change, it's just brilliant."

What do you use your stocubo shelf for?

I mainly use my beloved stocubo shelf as a media and record shelf and as a display piece for special and cherished items.

Koop, Anne x stocubo, Schallplattenregal, Wohnzimmerregal

Anne's first shelf, which she designed in 2021 using the stocubo configurator. When she moved to Brandenburg, the shelf was dismantled and reassembled in no time at all.

Koop, Anne x stocubo, Schallplattenregal, Wohnzimmerregal

After acquiring her new tube radio from 1959, Anne decided to extend her stocubo shelf: a 2:1 cube and slide-in shelves have moved in!

What do you like most about your shelf?

I find it incredibly great and practical that I can rebuild my shelf into almost anything I want. It's very easy to change its shape, orientation and appearance. For someone like me who loves constant change, this is simply brilliant. I also really like the understated and vintage look. I secretly wish we had more space in our home to house even more cubes with even more beautiful things.

What is your favorite piece that you keep on the stocubo shelf?

This is my Braun SK 2/2 radio from '59, which was on my wish list for a long time and moved in here last year. I also have a little weakness for tube radios. Now all that's missing is the fulfillment of my next dream. The "Snow White's coffin", the Braun SK5. It would look good on the cubes, wouldn't it?

More space for your favorite things?

Koop, stocubo x Anne, Sideboard, Wohnzimmerregal

Anne's shelf

Visit Anne on Instagram!

@and _ anne _ so_ yeah?

Koop, stocubo x Anne
Koop, stocubo x Anne
Koop, stocubo x Anne
Koop, stocubo x Anne