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Installing doors - drilling instructions

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Place the template on the inner edge of the cube

The template is placed flush against the edge of the cube (holes parallel to the edge of the cube). The distance between the holes and the outer edges of the template is identical in every case. Now drill 2 holes in each side of the cube using a 5 mm drill bit. The maximum depth must not exceed 9 mm.

Caution: If necessary, we recommend you to set a mark on the drill as a depth stop using a small adhesive strip to prevent drilling through (9 mm depth + 5 mm template = 14 mm mark on the drill).

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Fasten the cross plates to the cube

The cross plates are placed on the pre-drilled holes and fastened with the screws provided.

Caution: Screw in the screws with pressure from above and only use only slow movements to prevent the screws from stripping.

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Attach the overlay hinges

The supplied overlay hinges are screwed to the inside of the door with the plastic dowels already attached.

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Assemble the door

Doors with overlay hinges already attached can now be latched into the cross plates from the front and only requires a little pressure on the center of the overlay hinge until it "clicks" in.

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Adjust the door

Sometimes the door does not sit quite straight on the cube. In these cases, however, you can quickly readjust it with one or two turns of a screwdriver.

Simply use a screwdriver to turn the adjustment screws X, Y or Z to the left or right and the door will be moved accordingly to left/right (X), up/down (Y), and front/rear (Z).