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Our children's furniture

Colorful shelving systems for all children's rooms

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The challenge in designing a child's room is that little ones grow out of everything very quickly. Not so much the case with our stocubo children's furniture! The shelves can be expanded, redesigned and repurposed as desired. With a simple extension, the chest of drawers can be turned into a changing unit - and with just a flick of the wrist, it can be turned back into storage space for socks, cuddly toys, etc. The children's desk can also grow comfortably with your little ones, and can be easily adjusted to the new size they have grown to be. The joy of the furniture can last a lifetime.

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Extensions for your children's furniture

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Want to see for yourself?

Sometimes you just want to feel the material and hold the colors against your own living room wall before you decide on a particular combination of cubes. Just order your stocubo sample kit now, consisting of a 1:1 cube, color samples of all our colors, and both an aluminum and a plastic clip.

Order your sample kit

This is how good our children's furniture will look in your home

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stocubo x liserk: The dream children's desk for starting school

Lisa is an interior blogger and mother of two. For her first-grader, she chose our children's desk that can grow with her.

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Build up, rebuild,
and build again

Would you like to be able to design your very own individual shelf and adapt it to your needs, again and again? In our online configurator, you can try out the endless possibilities of our modular system.

Configure now

Frequently asked questions about our children's shelves

How to build a stocubo shelf?

It works as follows: align the base plates with the spirit level, stack the individual modules together as desired and fix them with the connecting clips. Then your individual furniture for the children's room is ready! It really is as easy as it sounds. You can find more info on assembly in our information on shelf assembly.

Do I have to anchor the shelf in the wall?

As a rule, this is not necessary for a floor-standing shelf. We recommend fixing the cubes with standard L-brackets from the hardware store in the case of uneven floors or particularly high wall shelves. With our wall suspension, individual cubes can also be attached directly to the wall as a free-hanging piece. Unlike the L-brackets, however, our wall mounts are not suitable as anti-tippers, as they cannot be combined with stacking shelves.

Are the shelves from stocubo safe?

Yes, the children's shelves from stocubo are doubly safe! Firstly, they're super stable: based on robust materials and an intelligent stacking and fixing system (if needed, you can order anti-slip pads for the modules in addition to the connecting clips, so that they always hold firmly on top of each other, even when they're holding a lot of weight). They're also created low-emission, which is from our point of view, especially important for children's furniture.

What boxes are there for storage?

We offer the slide-in units for our children's shelves in three different sizes: for 1:1, 1:2 and 2:3 modules. The following applies to all boxes: they can be easily removed and inserted into all modules. The large 1:1 slide-in boxes have additional grip holes on the sides, so that they can be easily removed for play time, even when fully loaded, and can be cleared up again later. All slide-ins are available in our five pastel colors, or plain white! These can also be added later.

In which colors are the children's shelves available?

The main elements of our shelving systems are always white, and the doors and drawers come in great pastel colors - perfect for a child's room. You can choose between vanilla yellow, pistachio green, denim blue and cashmere gray. Of course, you can always go for the classic white. In the online configurator you can combine the colors to your heart's content.

Are the cubes suitable as bookshelves?

Whether it's for coloring books, picture books or the first adventure novels, the cubes offer space for every format. For little ones, they can even serve as a bookshelf and craft table at the same time. There are so many ways to get creative here! Thanks to the modular design, the bookshelves from stocubo can also grow to accommodate the reading enthusiasm of your children.