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Our hallway shelves

Less chaos, more storage space

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The hallway is the most often neglected room in the house: shoes pile up, bike helmets are scattered on the floor, and especially when it comes to leaving the house in the morning, it's absolute chaos and no one can find what they need. Our solution: our hallway shelves. Whether you choose for them to be tall or wide, you can create the perfect storage space for your available space with your cubes. And with our drawer units, keys, scarves and sunglasses can be hidden away.

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Want to see for yourself?

Sometimes you just want to feel the material and hold the colors against your own living room wall before you then decide on a particular combination of cubes. Just order your stocubo sample kit now, consisting of a 1:1 cube, color samples of all our colors, and both an aluminum and a plastic clip.

Order your sample kit

This is how good our hallway shelves look in your home

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stocubo x fraeuleinfraenzchen

We made a stop-off in Bochum to visit Franzi there, who showed us her new stocubo hallway shelf. The first stocubo shelf moved in with her years ago, now there's been a further development... Hear it for yourself!

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Build up, rebuild,
build again

Would you like to be able to design your very own individual shelf and adapt it to your needs, again and again? In our online configurator, you can try out the endless possibilities of our modular system.

Configure now

Frequently asked questions about our hallway shelving

How to assemble hallway shelves from stocubo?

Our hallway shelves are part of the modular stocubo system. Therefore, the modules that make up a shelf can be stacked on top of and next to each other as you wish. The individual modules are delivered already fully assembled. To bring your creation to life, there are connecting clips made of aluminum or plastic, which connect the cubes. For a safe and steady foundation, you can use base plates with height-adjustable feet. You can do the stacking and the clamping yourself, and you don't need any previous knowledge for this!

Do the hallway shelves have to be anchored in the wall?

It depends on the size of your wall shelf and the condition of your floor. For shelves up to 200 cm high, such as normal sideboards or shoe cabinets, no wall mounting is necessary. However, if your floor is particularly uneven, we recommend securing the top row of very tall or narrow shelves using L-brackets from the hardware store. Generally, we also advise our customers to use our adjustable base plates to align the shelf horizontally. All you need is the supplied Allen key and a spirit level.

How do I ensure maximum support for my stocubo hallway shelf?

For those who want to stay on the safe side, there are our Anti-Slip-Pads made of Yupo-Tako suction cup foil. The extra thin pads are available in a set of 4 per cube and the application is very easy: remove the protective film on the back, put a pad on each corner, put the next cube on top, then clamp... and you're ready to go!

What types of hallway shelves are available at stocubo?

In theory, any kind, because we do not produce ready-made shelves, but different shelf cubes, which you can assemble into a shelf yourself according to your plans for the space. This allows our shelves to fit in small and large rooms alike, under slopes as well as in tight corners. For hallways, our cubes are suitable as a shelf and storage space, less as wardrobes. So if you want to hang jackets and coats in your hallway, we have the right clothing rack for you.

What are the dimensions of the modules, what can be added?

The sides of the classic 1:1 cube are each 35.6 centimeters long. The 2:1 cube: has a width (or height, as you prefer) of 71.2 centimeters. The 2:3 cube has a height of 23.7 centimeters. All cubes are available in full and half depth and can also be placed on the tend. For the 1:1 cubes and the 2:1 there are doors and inserts in different colors, which can also be chosen later. For the 2:3 cubes you can also order inserts. A two- or three-piece set of drawers in white and white/black can be integrated into the 1:1 or 2:3 cube. In our assortment there are also other, more specific elements that round off your hallway furniture. The best way to get an overview is to visit our Online-Shop!

In what colors are the shelves from stocubo?

The core of our modules are coated white, but you can choose between the natural color or black cut edge in front. Color can then be known with doors and drawers in five pastel shades. A detailed list of questions and answers about our cube shelves can be found in our general FAQ.

Are the shelves from stocubo sustainable?

We rely on high-quality material, more specifically, break- and bend-resistant MDF from PEFC-certified European forests. From this we build our shelves in an extremely detail-oriented and low-emission manufacturing process. We also work with climate-neutral shipping companies.