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Everything's in perfect order with stocubo office shelves

Good business with functional shelf systems for the office

Many people spend more time in the office than in their own living room. Of course, it's an advantage if the office is also a place where people enjoy spending time. The furnishing of the workplace plays a decisive role here: from the conference tables to the filing cabinets, all office furniture should be both stylish and useful for storage. The list of advantages of stocubo office shelves is long. Above all, they impress people with their flexibility: the shelves can always be stacked in new and different ways. You're in safe hands with our modular, expandable shelves, even when moving to other premises, or have an increasing number of employees or a growing mountain of files.

An organisation system based on stocubo cubes simplifies the archiving and retrieval of your files immensely. Be on the safe side and protect your documents with lockable cubes with doors. 


stocubo shelves can be expanded at will as soon as more storage space is required. Whether it's a wall shelf, hanging shelf or room divider – the cube modules adapt to the situation and needs. For many employers, it is also important that office furniture exudes a certain degree of uniformity and tidiness. stocubo office shelves are an excellent choice here. The dimensions and designs of all modules are perfectly coordinated. Uniform does not mean boring.   
At the same time, with stocubo, a clear conscience will always have a place at your workplace. Our shelf modules are all of high quality. We use 100 percent PEFC-certified, unbreakable and bend-resistant wood from German forests. We also attach great importance to sustainability in continued production and delivery. This manifests itself in low-emission manufacturing processes, as well as in the use of green electricity and climate-neutral shipping companies. All this you get for a fair price.


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Overview of selected office shelves and filing cabinets

Decoration not included

* Price includes plastic clips only. Aluminium clips can also be ordered.

stocubo Regal-Konfigurator

Build shelves at home and everywhere with our configurator

It's easy to plan your modular shelf system yourself with the stocubo configuratorPlease read through our tips so that your shelves are realisable later and to avoid misunderstandings during planning. 

Download our shelf configurator to your smartphone or tablet!



Sample kit

Lay the foundation for your own modular Probepaket und lassen Sie sich überzeugen. Legen Sie den Grundstein für Ihr eigenes modulares shelf system  and see for yourself.
Order your stocubo trial package now! Consists of:

1:1 module
Samples of all available colours
Aluminium and plastic clips
stocubo Probepaket

8 tips for setting up the office

Tip 1: dare to be individual

The furnishing of an office should reflect the spirit of a company. That doesn't mean that every wall shelf has to look colorful and crazy. Classic white filing shelves have their place. But it is the unusual accents and the personal belongings of the employees that make up the soul of a place of work.

Tip 2: enforce functionality

An office should promote efficient work. Order and cleanliness are therefore essential. Use large filing shelves to create enough space for filing. This way, the documents do not pile up on the employees' desks. Also make sure that there are enough light sources, coat stands and trash cans available.

Tip 3: pay attention to comfort

Not every inch of a study has to be completely organized. At least part of the office shouldn't look like work. This can be a small group of seats next to the kitchen, but also a colorful bookshelf that declares war on the predominant white of the wood chip wallpaper.

Tip 4: choose healthy furniture

An ergonomically optimized work environment not only makes you more efficient, it is also required by law. Choose back-friendly office chairs, height-adjustable desks and sufficiently large monitors. Since employees usually spend eight hours or more at their workplace, the shelves and all other office furniture should not be contaminated with harmful substances as far as possible. There are many low-pollutant solutions such as oils or waxes, especially when it comes to wood.

Tip 5: play with colors

White is still the classic for office shelves. However, colorful furniture is hard to come by: it lifts the mood and conveys modernity and dynamism. If you don't like it too gaudy, simply choose a mixture of neutral white and our soft pastel colors for the doors and slide-in compartments. There is also the option of the front frame in black.

Tip 6: create green corners

Studies show that office plants make office plants more productive! Regardless of whether it is the rubber tree on the window or just a small green lily that you put on the office shelf: Plants filter toxins from the air and thus increase motivation and well-being, the color green also has a calming effect. At the same time, an office livened up with plants looks much friendlier and livelier! Large plants even reduce the noise level in the office and can act as room dividers.

Tip 7: Provide space for your own ideas

Everyone works differently - the workflow can benefit from space for folders, a book or a picture bar. Therefore, make sure that your employees have space for design at their seat! Modular cubes can be used as a bland folder shelf, filing shelf or bookshelf. Variable inserts offer additional options for organizing the room.

Tip 8: enable encounters

In many offices, the printer is still in a folder shelf in the corridor. There is a specific reason for this: If you get up and walk through the office more often, you are more likely to have a chat with your colleagues. This creates synergies that benefit the work. But it can also work wonders for the working atmosphere when employees meet face to face from time to time.

Office and filing shelves for our customers

The best manager for your files

A good filing shelf is characterized above all by one property: functionality. This is exactly where filing shelves from stocubo have the edge: They can be flexibly combined and expanded at any time. It doesn't matter how many centimeters of space you have for office furniture. In the whole world there is no office in which a filing shelf from stocubo would not fit!

Filing shelves with character

What makes our filing shelves so popular is not just their stability, but above all the possibilities for individual design that they bring with them. Even a simple filing shelf does not have to be a soulless mass-produced product. At stocubo you design yours Shelf systems yourself and assemble it yourself after delivery. Incidentally, this is child's play and completely without tools - you only need a spirit level and screwdriver to adjust the base plates on uneven floors. It usually only takes a few minutes for your shelf to be up!


Frequently asked questions about our office and filing shelves

How does the structure of the stocubo office shelving work?

Regardless of whether you purchase 100 centimeters or 100 meters of filing shelves, bookshelves or folder shelves from stocubo: You can easily assemble it yourself. To do this, stack the individual modules made of break-proof and bend-resistant wood on top of or next to each other and secure them with the connecting clips made of aluminum or plastic. In principle, the structure is very intuitive, even without instructions. You can find more about this in our notes on racking.

How do I ensure maximum hold for my stocubo office shelf?

To ensure that nothing slips in the sideboard when the doors are forcefully closed, we have extra-thin anti-slip pads made from Yupo-Tako suction cup film in our range. The new anti-slip pads are available in a set of 4 per cube and the application is very easy: peel off the protective film on the back, put a pad on each corner, put the next cube on it, clip and that's it!

Does the office shelf have to be anchored in the wall?

Only if it is a particularly large office shelf and the floor underneath is particularly uneven. Our filing shelves actually stabilize themselves. With larger stacking shelves that are more than 2.5 m high, you can secure the top row with standard L-brackets if necessary. You can get these at any hardware store. Stabilization is also useful on sloping floors.

Are the stocubo shelves also suitable as hanging shelves for the office?

Basically, our cubes can be used as wall shelves by means of invisible wall hangings. All you have to do is dowel two brackets into the wall. However, the suspension is primarily intended to attach individual cubes to the wall (see tip 3). A good portion of craftsmanship is required to install an entire shelving system: because every single cube has to be precisely assembled using a spirit level and screws.

How many folders can I fit into an office shelf?

Our office shelves are designed in such a way that file folders in standard format (folder height: 31.8cm) can be placed in them as normal. Either four wide or seven narrow folders fit into a 1: 1 cube. Correspondingly, twice as many files fit into a 2: 1 module that is positioned horizontally.

Can a stocubo office shelf be used as a classic filing shelf?

Of course. A good filing shelf is characterized above all by one property: functionality. This is exactly where filing shelves from stocubo have the edge: They can be flexibly combined and expanded at any time. Of course, the shelves are perfectly suitable for conventional folder heights. At the same time, you still have enough space to grab and pull out the file folders. Four wide or seven narrow standard folders with the usual folder height fit into a normal, square cube. With a 2: 1 module placed horizontally, there are twice as many. In any case, with a conventional folder height there is still a few centimeters of space at the top to pull out the folders.

Does stocubo also have lockable filing shelves?

Yes, you can also purchase lockable filing shelves from stocubo. To do this, select the online configurator Modules made with doors. Then please send us a message that you want doors with locks. You will receive two individual keys for each lock. We particularly recommend lockable filing shelves

Doctors, lawyers and notaries as well as all other professional groups who keep strictly confidential documents in the office.

Are the stocubo shelves also suitable for reference works or illustrated books?

For some professions, specialist reading or illustrated books are often required within reach. Our 1: 1 cubes are ideal for larger, bound books, for example atlases, encyclopedias or specialist magazines (external dimensions WxDxH: 35.6 x 35.6 x 35.6 centimeters, internal dimensions WxDxH: 33.2 x 33.2 x 33 Centimeter). In our 2: 1 cube, collections can be accommodated in their full width (these modules are not suitable for the lower part of the shelf because of their long, cantilevered shelves, as they could otherwise bend due to the weight above). Do you have particularly large art volumes in your collection that should be stowed away on the bookshelf? Then our 2: 1 modules come into question, which when placed upright offer a spacious home.