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The red carpet for your DVDs and CDs: stocubo DVD and CD racks

Great audio and cinema – expandable at any time

If you're a real cineaste, you don't want to hide your film collection in closed cupboards, but present it in an interesting way. Even good CD racks are more than just a place to store CDs; rather, they do two things: a CD rack ensures order and the stylish presentation of your CD collection. Stocubo racks are perfect for this: the open modules allow you to display a large of CDs and DVDs (and of course Blu-rays) within your own four walls.

As your movie or music collection grows, so do your shelves. Simply expand them with new cubes that you can stack on top or on the sides. Then you have enough space at all times and there are no untidy stacks of CDs or DVDs – and without all that annoying assembly.

You decide about the shape of your CD or DVD rack yourself: it's up to you whether you set it up as a wall shelf or a DVD tower. For film lovers, we generally recommend our 2:3 half-depth module for building DVD racks. You can set it up vertically or horizontally, hang it on the wall, and of course combine it with all other stocubo cubes.

Module 1:2 was developed specially for CD formats. We offer both modules in different depths and widths. You will also find other modules of various heights, widths and depths, as well as special solutions for record shelves, in our online shop.

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Overview of selected CD racks

Decoration not included

* Price includes plastic clips only. Aluminium clips can also be ordered.

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Build shelves at home and everywhere with our configurator

It's easy to plan your modular shelving system yourself with the stocubo configuratorPlease read through our tips so that your shelves are realisable later and to avoid misunderstandings during planning.

Download our shelf configurator to your smartphone or tablet!



Sample kit

Order your trial package now and see for yourself. Lay the foundation for your own modular shelving system and order your stocubo trial package now, consisting of:

1:1 module
Sample of all available colours
Aluminium and plastic clips
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Different types of DVD and CD racks

Which DVD rack is right for me? The answer to this question depends on both the size of your DVD collection and your visual preferences. With an inner width of 33.2 cm, around 21 DVDs can be accommodated in a single module. The 2:3 module is available in two different depths, so you can place your DVDs in one or two rows on the rack. Lights, camera, action!

The DVD tower

DVDs and Blu-rays are stacked on top of one another in tall, narrow racks. With stocubo, for example, you can implement the DVD tower with an upright 2:3b half-depth module. Of course, you can also stack several of these modules next to one another to create multi-row Blu-ray and DVD stands.

The DVD wall rack

The advantage of hanging Blu-ray and DVD wall racks is that they are particularly space-saving; after all, they don't require any floor space. With stocubo, you can order every module in combination with a practical hanging set for the wall. If you have to move, you can either attach the cube to another wall or use it as part of a shelf.

Permanently installed CD rack

When planning your CD rack system, you can choose from various colour and material components: the shelf cubes are made out of high-quality, durable MDF. Our CD racks in white with natural edges are particularly popular. On request we can also produce shelf modules from multiplex. Functionality and design are the hallmarks of the stocubo shelf systems. If your music collection grows, the CD racks can easily be expanded with additional modules at any time. It's also easy to attach individual shelf modules to the wall using a rail system.

Free-standing and mobile CD rack

Simply stack your modules again and connect them with clips at the front or back. Instead of a permanently installed CD rack, you can put together a free-standing CD tower in just a few simple steps. Our quiet, smooth-running roller plates offer maximum flexibility. Instead of a stationary base plate, you simply set up your CD rack on the roller plate, then you can easily move your music collection from one room to the next. This design is particularly suitable for clubs or public institutions that want to transport their media flexibly.

Discover a variety of DVD and CD racks

 Your jewel cases brilliantly sorted - Are you looking for practical and beautiful CD racks? Click through our picture gallery and see how many different ways our racks are used by CD collectors. 


Frequently asked questions about our DVD and CD racks

How do I assemble stocubo DVD and CD racks?

You can assemble our shelves yourself in only a few minutes: by hand and without tools (exceptions: attachment to the wall and alignment of base plates). Simply stack the individual modules up to form the shelf. Use the metal or plastic clips to fix the cubes together. Since our shelves can be dismantled and reassembled very quickly, there's nothing stopping you from trying out different variants.

How do I mount DVD and CD racks on the wall?

During the ordering process, specify which modules are to be used as wall shelves. We then supply your cubes with wall rails and a wall clip, which we also supply. Fasten the clip to the wall with suitable screws and dowels. Then all you have to do is hang up your new shelf. You can find out more about this under Wall Shelves.

Are stocubo racks equally suitable for DVDs and Blu-rays?

Yes, there is enough space for both film formats on stocubo racks. A Blu-ray rack can theoretically be a little smaller than a DVD rack, since Blu-ray packaging is a little narrower and not as high. Thuerefore, a stocubo module that is used as a Blu-ray shelf holds more Blu-rays than DVDs.

Is stocubo also suitable for narrow CD racks?

Of course, you can also use stocubo to build a narrow rack for your CDs. Half-depth stocubo modules are particularly suitable for CDs. We generally recommend our 1:2 cube, which was specially developed for the CD format.