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Never be alone in a wide hallway – with stocubo hallway shelves

Whether it's wide or narrow – the optimal shelf for every hallway

Beautiful hallway furniture, individual design and a tidy overall impression turn a bland entrance hallway into a really cosy transit area. Last but not least, the hallway is also your flat's calling card, as it's usually the first room a visitor enters. This makes it all the more important to ensure a cosy atmosphere in the entrance area right from the start; after all, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. So give your hallway a personal touch with stocubo!

For example, stack up your hallway shelves to create an unusual overall shape, create patterns with coloured doors and inserts, or place framed photos and other personal treasures in individual hanging cubes.

You can also play with empty shelves so that wallpaper or brickwork can be seen behind the shelf. Or frame your vintage mirror in style with a mix of standing shelves and hanging shelves. Stocubo combines aesthetics with functionality.

Many hallways are corridors, long corridors, that are so narrow that there's no space for bulky furniture. We also provide all modules at half depth so that shelves don't protrude so far into the room, even in a narrow hallway. Sufficient storage and shelf space can also be created in the hallway with our modular shelf system. Configure your hallway furniture the way you want it!

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Overview of selected hallway shelves

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* Price includes plastic clips only. Aluminium clips can also be ordered.

stocubo Regal-Konfigurator

Build shelves at home and everywhere with our configurator

It's easy to plan your modular shelving system yourself with the stocubo configurator. Please read through our tips so that your shelves are realisable later and to avoid misunderstandings during planning.

Download our shelf configurator to your smartphone or tablet!



Sample kit

Order your trial package now and see for yourself. Lay the foundation for your own modular shelving system and order your stocubo trial package now, consisting of:

1:1 module
Sample of all available colours
Aluminium and plastic clips
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Our customers' hallway shelves

Our customers surprise us again and again with their ideas for individual hallway shelves. In our customer picture gallery, you will find large and small, conventional and slanted, white and colourful shelves. 

More freedom with stocubo hallway shelves

Hallway furniture has special requirements and fulfil various (organisational) functions. As with the classic chest of drawers, drawers are necessary to provide the right storage space for keys and all kinds of odds and ends. In addition, our desk set can be used as a reminder for those who aren't so tidy. Everyday items such as hats or scarves can be stored in open compartments. There is the option of having the front in black instead of a natural shade, which creates perspective, especially in a long hallway.

A lot of normal people hardly ever get to enjoy a foyer, i.e. a spacious entrance hall in which, for example, guests can be received, in the place where they live. Most corridors – also known as hallways – are more like corridors: long passages that are so narrow that there's no room for bulky furniture in them.

Often, every centimetre counts in hallways! Not least because of this, stocubo shelf systems are particularly suitable as hallway shelves. We also provide all modules at half depth, so shelves then don't protrude so far into the room.

This gives you more freedom of movement when taking your coat on and off, which is particularly pleasant at the times of year when you wear thick winter coats. Unusual hallways can also be furnished with stocubo. For example, our cubes allow you to make effective use of the sloping space under staircases. Long corridors can be divided into several sections with our shelves. This makes hallways cosier. At the same time, a stocubo hallway shelf can also replace the bench for putting on shoes. A deep lowboard, which you can easily cushion with a blanket or a few pillows, is ideal for this. Cubes can also be ordered with doors, creating a modern, multifunctional shoe cabinet.


Frequently asked questions about our hallway shelves

How are stocubo hallway shelves assembled?

Our hallway shelves are part of the modular stocubo system. Accordingly, the modules from which a shelf is constructed can be stacked on top of and next to one another as desired. To fix your creation in place you can use metal connecting clips, which stabilise the subes against each other. You can do the stacking and attach the clips yourself; no previous knowledge is required.

Do hallway shelves have to be anchored to the wall?

That depends on the size of your wall shelf and the nature of your floor. For shelves up to 200 cm in height, such as normal sideboards or shoe cabinets, no wall mounting is necessary. For example, if you have a large bookcase as a hallway shelf, we recommend securing the top row with L-brackets from hardware stores. In general, we also advise our customers to use our adjustable base plates to align shelves horizontally. All you need is a screwdriver and a spirit level.

How do I ensure maximum support for my stocubo hallway shelf? 

For those who want to be on the safe side, we now offer our new anti-slip pads made of Yupo-Tako suction cup film. These new, extra-thin pads are available in a set of four per cube and application is very easy: peel off the protective film on the back, put a pad on each corner, put the next cube on it, attach a clip – and that's it!

What types of hallway shelves does stocubo provide?

Basically any kind, as we don't produce ready-made shelves, but different shelf cubes that you can assemble into a shelf according to your own ideas. This means that our shelves fit equally well in small and large rooms, under slopes and in tight corners. In hallways, our cubes are suitable as storage space and eye-catching features, but not so much as cloakrooms. So if you want to hang up jackets and coats in your hallway, you should add a clothes rack to your shelf system.

What dimensions and additional elements are available for the stocubo shelf cube?

Each side of the classic 1:1 cube measures 35.6 cm. The width (or height, whatever you want) of the 2:1 cube is 71.2 cm. The height of the 2:3 cube is 23.7 cm. All cubes are available in full and half depth, and can also be placed on end. Doors and inserts for 1:1 and 2:1 cubes are available in a variety of colours; these can also be delivered later. 

In which colors are the stocubo shelves available?

There is an option for the front frame in black instead of the natural shade. This allows you to create a particularly striking shelving system, the clarity of which can be emphasized or broken up by additional compartments and colors. There is a whole range of clear and pastel colors to choose from for doors and drawers.

Are the stocubo shelves sustainable?

We rely on high-quality material, more precisely: on unbreakable and flexureproof wood from PEFC-certified German forests. From this we build shelves in a very detail-oriented and low-emission manufacturing process. Of course, we also work with climate-neutral shipping companies.