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Colourful children's shelves

Shelf systems for every children's room

Children love our cubes because they are inherently playful. This is mainly due to their flexibility: all modules can be assembled individually so that every children's shelf is unique! This is a great advantage when it comes to furnishing a children's room with a view to the future.

A baby may need no more than a storage box for nappies. But even a toddler needs a lot of storage space for toys and books. And experience has shown that space requirements increase significantly in a child's teenage years. Stocubo shelves are not static, but can be expanded and converted module by module over the years: into a chest of drawers, wall shelves or bookshelves – entirely according to the wishes and needs of your child.

Shelves in a children's room have to withstand a lot! All of our shelves are characterised by their above-average resistance to breaking and bending. The standing shelves are particularly robust, stable and load-bearing.

One of the most important things to consider when buying is safety. Here, you're well advised to get a stocubo standing shelf.

Our shelves are made of a particularly stable, PEFC-certified material. In addition, all cubes and the production process are particularly low in pollutants. Good for the environment and for the next generation.

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Overview of selected children's shelves

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Build shelves at home and everywhere with our configurator

It's easy to plan your modular shelf system yourself with the stocubo configurator. Please read through our tips so that your shelves are realisable later and to avoid misunderstandings during planning.

Download our shelf configurator to your smartphone or tablet!



Sample kit

Lay the foundation for your own modular   and see for yourself.Order your stocubo trial package now! Consists of:

1:1 module
Sample of all available colours
Aluminium and plastic clips
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Colourful children's shelves

Many of our customers have children and they found what they were looking for at stocubo. Get new and creative ideas for furnishing your children's room from our picture gallery!

Long live quality!

Children are brave, lively, and often can't be controlled. So children's furniture has to withstand a lot! Of course, this also applies to children's shelves. If you invest in quality here, you save money in the long term.

Whether it's a bookshelf, a chest-of-drawers or a simple, white wall shelf – your child will have a stocubo shelf system for many years.     Whether it's a bookshelf, a chest-of-drawers or a simple, white wall shelf – your child will have a stocubo shelf system for many years. All of our shelves are characterised by their above-average resistance to breaking and bending.

The children's shelves are particularly robust, stable and load-bearing. In plain language, this means: They don't break so quickly!

Children's shelves with boxes

Does your child like to tidy up their room? Then you can pat yourself on the back here – believe us, we're envious! We've got a tip for the other 99.9% of parents: standing and wall shelves with boxes.

Aufräumen ist damit eine Sache von Minuten. Stellen Sie die Boxen am besten in die unteren Module. 

So können bereits kleinere Kinder dabei mithelfen, Puppen, Bücher und Plüschtiere unsichtbar zu verstauen. Wer einmal im Dunkeln barfuss über einen Legostein gestolpert ist, weiß ein praktisches Wandregal zu schätzen. Wählen Sie hierfür in unserem Online-Shop bzw. im shelf configurator  

The boxes are also just the thing for changes in taste, which can happen quite suddenly. If the coloured boxes suddenly become embarrassing and the bookshelf boring, the cubes can be converted into a simple, white wall shelf in only a little time and with only a few new boxes.

Healthy shelves made of PEFC-certified wood

Practically all parents want pollutant-free furniture when buying for their children's room. With free-standing shelves from stocubo, the focus is on healthy living! Cubes go through a particularly low-emission manufacturing process. Every centimetre of wood used is PEFC-certified and comes from German sources. This makes the shelves suitable for every children's room, regardless of whether they're a baby, toddler or teenager.

stocubo modulare Kinderregale / Kinderküche

Turn 1 into 3: Also as a children's kitchen, our 3-in-1 mini market toy is a real eye-catcher in every child's room.

In the twinkling of an eye, our 3-in-1 mini market toy becomes a real children's kitchen in which all purchases can be processed directly. The 3-in-1 mini market toy is made from offcuts that are a by-product of production and is therefore not only particularly versatile, but also truly sustainable.


Frequently asked questions about our children's shelves

How do I set up a stocubo shelf?

It works like this: Stack the individual modules together as you wish. Fix them with the connecting clamps. And your individual furniture for the nursery is ready! It really is as simple as it sounds. You can find more information on the structure in our information on the shelf structure.

Do I have to anchor the shelf in the wall?

As a rule, this is not necessary with a free-standing shelf. Only on uneven floors or particularly high wall shelves do we recommend fixing the cubes with standard L-brackets from the hardware store. With our wall suspension, individual cubes can also be hung directly on the wall. Unlike the L-brackets, however, our wall brackets are not suitable as tilt protection, as they cannot be combined with stacking shelves.

Are stocubo shelves safe?

Yes, the stocubo children's shelves are even twice as safe! On the one hand through their stability, which is based on robust materials and an intelligent stacking and fixing system. On the other hand, thanks to their low-pollutant character, which we believe is indispensable for children's furniture.

Which boxes are there for storage?

We offer the slide-in units for our children's shelves in three different sizes. You fill a cube either completely, two-thirds or half of it. The following applies to all boxes: They can be easily pulled out and are available in many bright colors or plain white! Of course, they can also be added later.

What colors are the children's shelves available in?

Our shelving systems come in great pastel colors - perfect for the nursery! For doors and drawers, you can choose between yellow, blue, green and gray. Of course, there is also classic white. in the online configurator you can combine the colors to your heart's content.

Are the cubes suitable as bookshelves?

Whether for coloring books, comics or the first adventure novels - the cubes offer space for every format. For the little ones they can even serve as a bookshelf and minimalist and handicraft table at the same time, there are no limits to creativity. Thanks to the modular structure, the bookshelves from stocubo can also grow with the reading enthusiasm of your children.