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stocubo shelf system – set up without assembly


Shelf systems from stocubo - an organization principle with corners and edges

A shelf is a shelf is a shelf? If you believe that, you should get to know stocubo! Everything is a little different here. Each of our shelves is a product with rough edges - in the truest sense of the word. We don't have boring dozen items. A shelving system from stocubo is always YOUR shelving system.

And that for years. Because the system is designed in such a way that it can be expanded as required. Have you inherited a 20-volume encyclopedia? Every new book finds a good place with stocubo. Are you moving? The shelving systems can be easily dismantled and reassembled according to the new space. So you always have exactly as much storage space as you need!

Use as a stand shelf

No assembly is necessary to assemble your stocubo shelf or your cupboard.

The cubes are delivered assembled and only have to be stacked and fixed with connecting clips either on the front or on the back. This is very quick and can be easily changed again if necessary.

By the way, we recommend 2 connecting brackets per module; you can of course leave out the brackets on wall shelves. Our tip: Very high shelves or furniture on uneven floors can be stabilized with a standard L-bracket as an anti-tip device. However, this is only necessary in individual cases.

Base plates & intermediate sides

There are often small differences in height in the ground, especially in old buildings. These unevenness can be leveled out with the aid of the height-adjustable feet of our base plates. Corresponding plates are available for all shelf modules.

These can easily be connected to the modules using connecting brackets. We also offer roller plates.

Intermediate pages support the modules under high loads. The 2: 1 modules can bend if they are heavy due to records or heavy books. Our variable intermediate pages provide additional support. Just like our horizontal shelves, the intermediate pages can be ordered later or glued firmly from the start.

Use as a wall shelf

All modules can quickly become a wall shelf. All you need is a wall suspension that you can order directly during the ordering process. We provide the modules with precisely fitting strips, which are then hung in a corresponding counterpart on the wall. You can decide for yourself whether you hang up the 2: 3 or 1: 2 modules on the short or long side. We always attach wall hangers on both sides, so that you remain completely flexible even with renovations.

Our 2: 1 module is, however, only suitable as a wall shelf with low loads due to the long, self-supporting floors. In general, we recommend only installing individual cubes on the wall. In order to hang a complete shelf on the wall, all elements would have to be precisely aligned and mounted with a spirit level and screws - which, depending on the nature of the wall, can be a small challenge even for passionate craftsmen.

Sample kit

Lay the foundation for your own modular shelf system and see for yourself.
Order your stocubo trial package now! Consists of:

› 1:1 module
› Samples of all available colours
› Aluminium and plastic clips

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Ingeniously functional

You may be wondering whether stocubo is the right shelving system for you. The answer can only be a loud and clear yes! Because stocubo adapts to your life and your individual living situation. The palette ranges from the large wall of shelves full of books in the living room to the filing system in the office to the small space saver under the stairs.

Places that are difficult to furnish, such as sloping ceilings, can be optimally used with our cubes. Sometimes every inch counts. You can select the depth, width and height of the individual modules in a targeted manner. Stocubo is also perfect for the children's room: robust, harmless to health and available in various cheerful colors.

Invitation to be creative

Our cubes are not off-the-shelf products, on the contrary: the stocubo system offers you an unimagined degree of freedom in designing your shelves. If you are not in the mood for 0815 furniture, then you have come to the right place at stocubo. With conventional shelving systems, it may be sufficient to measure the height, width and depth and then decide on a model. stocubo, on the other hand, lives from your ideas. Try it out: In our online configurator, you can easily design the shelf of your dreams yourself, centimeter by centimeter, regardless of whether it is for books, records or decorative objects.

And once the modules have been delivered, you will find that stacking the cubes is almost as easy as creating them on the computer!

A perfect fit: stocubo and sustainability

Manufacturing flexible shelving systems is our passion. Because we work a lot with natural resources, the issue of sustainability is of great importance to us. Quality must not come at the expense of the environment. That's why we take responsibility. This includes a conscious and careful use of resources as well as the use of green electricity and climate-neutral shipping companies.

Every single one of our cubes is made in Germany. Relocating production to the Far East is out of the question for us! You can read more about our value system in our About Us area.

Your one-of-a-kind from the configurator

The fun begins with choosing your individual shelving system. With our online configurator you can choose the individual cubes in different variants. Quickly measure the depth, width or height of your shelf space? No problem, after all, you can conveniently plan your shelving system on your home computer!

There are base plates for uneven floors - also with castors! Also available: inserts and colored doors that make your shelf unmistakably unique. You can keep an eye on the price of your shelving system at all times.

Planned, bought, delivered

If you are satisfied with the shelf you have designed yourself, you can place your order online. Your cubes will then be individually made and delivered to you in one go. In addition, you can also try out individual modules or pre-designed shelving systems in our online shop .

For those who are undecided, we recommend our Sample kit. It contains a square cube, a connecting bracket and samples of the various stocubo colors. If you do not like it, it can be returned within 30 days.


Frequently asked questions about our shelving systems

How do I set up my shelving system?

The construction is very simple: Stack your cubes and attach the brackets for stabilization, either as a visible design element on the front or invisible on the back. That's it! You only need tools for fastening wall shelves and aligning the base plates. The cubes themselves are delivered fully assembled. You can read more about stacking in our assembly tips.

Do I need base plates for my shelving systems?

Not necessarily. However, base plates are a good idea for uneven floors: With their height-adjustable feet, they compensate for unevenness so that the cubes can stand firmly and securely on them, no matter how high the shelf is. We recommend base plates especially for old buildings that often have slightly sloping floors. In the case of very small shelving systems, no base plates are usually necessary.

What should you watch out for when attaching the shelving systems to the wall?

Individual modules can also be attached to the wall in just a few simple steps. You can simply order a wall bracket for this. You will then receive a rail that is attached to the wall with two screws. We provide the cube with a bar that can be easily hooked into the rail. Whether you hang rectangular modules vertically or horizontally is entirely up to you.

My shelving system is very high. Do I need an additional wall bracket?

Usually not. Our shelving systems are stable and load-bearing even when they are tall, especially when they are generously fixed with connecting clamps. If you want to be on the safe side, for example with a large wall of shelves crammed with books, you can also use L-brackets from the hardware store to prevent the top row from tipping over.

How are my shelving systems delivered?

The individual cubes are already assembled by us, so that you only have to stack them. Accordingly, your shelving system comes either by DHL GoGreen (small orders) or by forwarding agency (larger orders). Alternatively, you can collect your order from us personally. For this you can contact us at any time.

How do I care for my shelving systems?

Our shelving systems are robust and easy to care for: it is sufficient to simply walk over them with a feather duster or a damp cloth from time to time. You don't necessarily have to take books or records off the shelf for this. A cleaning agent is not required. In the case of uncoated modules, small stains can be carefully sanded away with fine sandpaper.

In which colors are the modules available?

The cubes are coated in white and you can choose between a natural wood or a black edge. You can really show your colors with the slide-in units and the modules with doors: They can be supplied in white, blue, yellow, green or gray, depending on your requirements.

Shelving systems taken one step further: Inspirational ideas

Rock the system

Need some inspiration? Would you like more suggestions? With pleasure: In our gallery we show many different uses for our cubes, in all colors and shapes. We hope you enjoy discovering your perfect shelving system.
And don't forget: the best ideas come from trying them out!