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Everything under one ceiling: stocubo shelves for sloping ceilings

Productive tilt: we offer shelf solutions for sloping ceilings

Attic rooms are an asset to every house. They give residents a cozy atmosphere, for example as a reading room. Unfortunately, they also have a disadvantage: the tight space under a sloping ceiling often cannot be adequately designed with conventional furniture. This is exactly the challenge that stocubo took on.

With our customisable shelf systems , you can configure shelves for sloping ceilings so that they're an exact fit for your house or flat. Create shelves for sloping ceilings that are ideally adapted to the challenging slope. Incidentally, this applies not only to the area under the ceiling, but also to the area under a staircase, which often has a similar layout.

The area under sloping ceilings is reduced by half at heights of less than two metres, and isn't counted as part of the living area at all at a height of less than one metre. But that doesn't mean that you can't use this space to the full and make it look good. Off-the-peg shelving is not a solution for attic rooms. What you need is a flexible shelf system – one that uses every inch of the limited space, while looking good at the same time! 

Goodbye emergency solution – here's first-class furniture for aesthetic storage space. Stocubo shelf systems consist of cubes of various sizes that you can put together, alter and expand as you wish. Solutions like this can be created for almost every niche, no matter how small.

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Overview of selected shelves for sloping ceilings

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* Price includes plastic clips only. Aluminium clips can also be ordered.

stocubo Regal-Konfigurator

Build shelves at home and everywhere with our configurator

It's easy to plan your modular shelving system yourself with the stocubo configuratorPlease read through our tips so that your shelves are realisable later and to avoid misunderstandings during planning. 

Download our shelf configurator to your smartphone or tablet!



Sample kit

Order your trial package now and see for yourself. Lay the foundation for your own modular shelving system and order your stocubo trial package now, consisting of:

1:1 module
Sample of all available colours
Aluminium and plastic clip
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The basics on sloping ceilings

Tip 1: Minimal space, optimal storage space

Each side of the classic 1:1 cube is 35.6 cm long. The 2:1 cube has a width (or height, as you wish) of 71.2 cm, and the 2:3 cube has a height of 23.7 cm. All cubes are available in full and half depth, and can also be placed on end. This means anyone can assemble shelves in the best possible configuration for any slope.

Tip 3: Indirect lighting

The ceiling space is often not one of the brightest places in a flat. The particularly dark corners in a slope can be illuminated by shelf cubes with integrated LED lighting, letting the whole room bask in a pleasant glow. 

Tip 2: Use with moderation

First of all, it is important to consider what, and how much of it, is actually be accommodated. If the slope is used for a bookshelf, for example, there should be space for the books. It adds to the cosiness when your treasures are all gathered in one place and not spread across different rooms. There's also the issue of whether part of the shelf system is to be used as a cabinet with doors and/or drawers: you have to take the measurements on-site yourself, then everything else can be designed in our online configurator!

Tip 4: Targeted, ornamental and colourful features

The area under the slopes is particularly suitable for adding features that are colourful or ornamental, without looking overwhelming. Wallpaper or colourful walls visually harmonise with simple, light furniture. Our basic cube modules are available in white, and there is also the option of having the front frame in black instead of its natural colour. Tones from the wall decor can be echoed with inserts or doors, which are available in a wide range of colours. 

 Our customers show their shelves for sloping ceilings 

Many of our customers use the stocubo system to configure shelving for sloping roofs.
You can see some of these individual solutions in our customer picture gallery. 


Frequently asked questions about our shelves for sloping ceilings

How are stocubo shelves for sloping ceilings constructed?

Instead of a plug-in system, stocubo offers a structure that is just as simple and variable: the stacking system. Stack the cubes on top of one another and fix them with the connecting clips. It really is that simple!

Do I also need base plates for stocubo shelves?

Base plates are also useful for shelves for sloping ceilings, as they give optimal compensation for uneven floors and, ensuring wobble-free shelves. On the other hand, with level floors you can plan your shelf without any base plates – unless you want to use modules with doors in the bottom row.

Do shelves for sloping ceilings need to be attached to the wall?

Our shelf systems are stable and load-bearing, even with high structures, and especially when they have been fastened with a generous amount of connecting clips. As shelves for sloping ceilings are usually not more than two metres high, this is not necessary. Exception: We recommend wall anchoring in for extremely sloping floors. Commercially available L-brackets from hardware stores have proven themselves well-suited for this purpose. In addition, our base plates offer additional stability on sloping floors.

Do shelves for sloping ceilings require special maintenance?

It doesn't take much effort to keep our shelves and cabinets in good shape. All you have to do is dust them off every few weeks. Stubborn dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Are stocubo shelves sustainable?

We rely on high-quality material; to be precise, unbreakable, bend-resistant wood from PEFC-certified German forests. We use this to build shelves in a highly detail-oriented and low-emission manufacturing process. Read more about our production process  here