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Square, practical, better – stocubo cube shelves

The die is cast.

stocubo cube shelves are a special kind of magic cube. Our shelf cubes are authentic, natural products made of break- and bend-pceiling wood. A shelf cube does not always have to be square. At stocubo we also offer other dimensions such as 2:1 or 2:3, which can be combined flush. This increases the number of options, so that you can put together your shelf system with the greatest possible design freedom. 

Our cube shelves work as standing and wall shelves. Individually, stacked and in a combination of different modules. Cube shelves convince with their flexibility. The design options for the cubes themselves are also flexible. 

In addition, stocubo offers a large number of accessories for the customisation of shelves – for example doors, compartments and slide-in modules. Modules are also available with integrated drawers. You can choose from a variety of colours such as white, grey or pastel pistachio green. Base plates and intermediate sections help you to construct a stable and durable shelf.

Modular shelf systems can take on practically any external shape – from room dividers to pyramids. It can also cater for a wide variety of needs, be it as a bookshelf, a small cube shelf in the children's room, or as a bench in the cloakroom.
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Overview of selected cube shelves

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* Price includes plastic clips only. Aluminium clips can also be ordered.

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Build shelves at home and everywhere with our configurator

It's easy to plan your modular shelf system yourself with the stocubo configurator. Please read through our tips so that your shelf can be moved later on and that there are no misunderstandings during planning.

Download our shelf configurator to your smartphone or tablet!



Sample kit

Lay the foundation for your own modular shelf system and see for yourself.
Order your stocubo trial package now! Package includes:

1:1 cube
Samples of all available colours
Aluminium and plastic clips
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Our customers' cube shelves

A look at our customer interior picture gallery shows how individual and inspiring cube shelving really is.
The possibilities of combination are limitless!

 Shelf cubes at stocubo 

At stocubo you will fnd a set of different "cubes” from which you can assemble your cube shelf. This increases the number of options for designing an individual piece of furniture that nobody else has. You can choose from the following modules:

1:1 cube: Each side of the classic 1:1 cube measures 35.6 cm. With its strictly symmetrical dimensions, this module is particularly suitable for those who love order, for example as a bookshelf in the living room or in the office.

2:1 cube: With a width (or height, whatever you want) of 71.2 cm, this module is extra large and offers plenty of space for things such as large-format books, magazines or flower vases.

2:3 cube: This cube has a height of 23.7 cm. This makes it a little smaller than the other two. This makes it the first choice for paperbacks and DVD shelves, but also as a storage place for games in the children's room.

All shelf cubes are available in full (35.6 cm) and half depth (17.8 cm). You can find the modules (and some extras!) in our online shop. Alternatively, you can start planning your future cube shelf in our shelf configurator! 

Advantages of our cube shelves

The list of advantages of our Cube shelves is a long one. One particular advantage is their flexibility. They can be reassembled over and over again, and always in different configurations. Split a shelf into two shelves? With stocubo, this kind of idea can be realised in only a few minutes!

It's also quick because the shelf systems are incredibly easy to put together. Simply stack and clamp the cubes together or apart with suitable metal connections. This means that even large shelves can be set up in next to no time.

 Wall shelves made from cubes 

 Our cubes can easily be used as hanging wall shelves. This is especially true for individual cubes, which can be used to set a particular tone. You can select wall mounts for each module during the ordering process. Your cubes are then supplied together with rails, and all you need to do is hang them on the wall mounts – so you have a wall shelf in a design that you can adapt to your wishes without much effort. 

 Our tip: stage set up individual cubes as a supplement to a larger system of shelf cubes. That's always more exciting than a picture or poster on the wall! You can make a mini wall shelf like this out of, for example, a half-depth 1:1 cube. It offers the perfect showcase for personal photos, special books or souvenirs from your last holiday as casually framed eye-catchers. The top of the cube creates a second surface that can be used as, for example, a shelf.


Frequently asked questions about our cube shelves

How are stocubo cube shelves set up?

In a matter of minutes: simply stack the cubes up and clip them together. For further information about this, see our Assembly section. 

Do cube shelves have to be anchored in the wall?

Of course, cubes used as hanging shelves do. With normal free-standing shelves, the connecting clips supplied are usually sufficient for stabilisation.

What extras are available for the cubes?

To give your shelf cube a certain extravagance, we have a number of special accessories up our sleeve: demonstrate your good taste with the white champagne or wine insert. With its indirect lighting, the LED kit lends your the shelf cube – and, at the same time, your living room – into a lounge ambience! 

Are the stocubo shelves sustainable?

We rely on high-quality material, more precisely: on unbreakable and flexureproof wood from PEFC-certified German forests. From this we build sustainable furniture by hand in a very detail-oriented and low-emission manufacturing process.

Are the shelf cubes only available in white?

There is an option for the front frame in black instead of the natural shade. This allows you to create a particularly striking shelving system, the clarity of which can be highlighted or broken up with additional compartments and colors. There is a whole range of clear and pastel colors to choose from for doors and drawers. You can find a detailed list of questions and answers about our cube shelves in our general FAQ.