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Black Edition

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Let's be honest: has an edge ever looked so chic? Last summer, we offered our Black Edition as a limited edition: Black coated cubes with our classic natural edge. As demand was so high, we want to remain true to our modular concept with the Black Edition:

You can still order entire shelves or individual modules from us on request. As we produce the Black Edition separately, the production time depends on the request. You can therefore discuss all the details directly with our customer service team.

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Our Black Edition shelves at a glance

Choose your personal Black Beauty from six ready-configured shelving options - from black sideboards to rolling dressers.

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stocubo wouldn't be stocubo if you couldn't also order individual modules. This allows you to add the finishing touch to existing shelf compositions or design a shelf according to your individual wishes. Our customer service team looks forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance - including in a video consultation.

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Black Edition, Großes Sideboard, schwarze Cubes, 2:1 Modul hochkant mit Tür, Detail, 4x5

Or think big checkered! Use individual modules of our Black Edition and transform your white shelf quickly into a checkered eye-catcher, that is guaranteed to be unique. You prefer it minimalistic? A free-standing black cube as a nightstand or shelf can also impress.

These modules are available as Black Edition

The accessories for the Black Edition


Frequently asked questions about our Black Edition Cubes

Are the shelves from stocubo sustainable?

We rely on high-quality material, more precisely: on break- and bend-resistant MDF from PEFC-certified European forests. From this we build our shelves by hand in a very detail-oriented and low-pollutant manufacturing process. We also put a lot of emphasis on sustainability in the ongoing production and delivery. This is expressed in low-pollutant manufacturing processes as well as in the use of green electricity and climate-neutral shipping companies.

What fits in which Cube?

Our 1:1 Cubes are ideal for larger, bound books, for example biographies, atlases, illustrated books or magazines and journals. File folders and records in classic size also find enough space here. Outside dimensions: 35.6 x 35.6 x 35.6 centimeters, inside dimensions: 33.2 x 33.2 x 33 centimeters.

In our 2:3 Cubes paperbacks and DVDs feel especially comfortable. Outer dimensions: 35.6 x 23.7 x 35.6 centimeters, inner dimensions: 33.2 x 21.3 x 33 centimeters.

Reclam booklets or CDs fit in the 1:2 Cube. Outside dimensions: 35.6 x 17.8 x 35.6 centimeters, inside dimensions: 33.2 x 15.4 x 33 centimeters.

Are there any restrictions with the Black Edition?

Some products, which are more complex to manufacture, are not available in black. Specifically, these are our Hifi Cubes, F2-, F3 modules, slide-ins and LED Cubes. Here you can find all available modules.

Are there any specific care tips for the Black Edition?

You can certainly imagine that the black-coated modules react somewhat more sensitively to skin contact due to the matte look. This means that stains of any kind are noticed more quickly. Small tip: water with a splash of glass cleaner does wonders.

Why can't I just select the black modules in the configurator?

Since modularity and durability are important to us, we first test a product extensively. Only when we realize that you like the black coated cubes, we change our production and expand our system.

Can I combine black modules with other modules as well?

In any case! There are no restrictions in terms of combinability. We remain flexible as usual.