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Our sideboards

Always on the stylish side

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In our opinion, the sideboard is one of the most classic pieces of furniture. We love it for its ability to give character to a room without dominating it. The modularity of our sideboards allows them to be perfectly adjusted to the length of the wall you want to furnish with them. You can opt for closed modules or open ones - or a mix that deliberately plays with intentionally placed space. This becomes a real eye-catcher if you equip the shelf with beautiful objects: your record player, the treasures from your last vacation in Denmark, or your favorite plants.

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Want to see for yourself?

Sometimes you just want to feel the material and hold the colors against your own living room wall before you then decide on a particular combination of cubes. Just order your stocubo sample kit now, consisting of a 1:1 cube, color samples of all our colors, and both an aluminum and a plastic clip.

Order your sample kit

This is how good our sideboards look in your home

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Our wonder-... uh... Illuminant

When the weather gets worse outside, it should be all the cozier inside. The magic word for this: subtle lighting. How? With the light cubes from stocubo!

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Build up, rebuild,
build again

Would you like to be able to design your very own individual shelf and adapt it to your needs, again and again? In our online configurator, you can try out the endless possibilities of our modular system.

Configure now

Frequently asked questions about our sideboards

How do I build a sideboard from stocubo?

As with all our shelves, the same applies to our sideboards: all you need is a spirit level and the supplied Allen key to properly align the base plates. After that, simply stack the shelf cubes on top of each other and fix them in place with the connecting clips (from the front or back) and, if needed, with additional anti-slip pads. It really couldn't be easier!

Do I have to anchor the sideboard in the wall?

At this point we can give you the answer you want: no, fixing standing sideboards to the wall is usually not necessary! An exception: very high sideboards, which stand on extremely uneven floors. Here, you should steady the top row with L-brackets from the hardware store.

How resilient are the sideboards from stocubo?

Our shelves are made of wood resistant to breakage and bending - common shelf contents can therefore be placed in or on it, as you please. Therefore, low sideboards generally stabilize themselves. In any case, our connecting clips should be used, either as a visible design element at the front or invisible at the back. For heavier items, we advise you to divide the weight amongst several cubes placed side by side. We also recommend that you do not install the wide 2:1 modules in the lower part of the sideboard, as the long shelves could cause them to sag somewhat if the weight is too much.

Do the cubes have a soft-close function?

With the innovative soft-close doors for our modular shelving cubes, we are fulfilling many (customers') wishes. We promise these will close smoothly, no banging and no noise.

What distinguishes a sideboard from a chest of drawers?

A chest of drawers traditionally consists of drawers, whereas a sideboard usually has open compartments and doors. Nevertheless, the two terms are often used interchangeably, as a sideboard is ultimately a modern form of a chest of drawers. With stocubo's shelves, these lines are blurred anyway, due to the modular system and the creativity of our customers!

Which cubes are suitable for a lowboard, which for a highboard?

Here you have to find the right solution for yourself: The sides of the 1:1 module are each 35.6 centimeters long. The 2:1 module has a width (or height, whichever you prefer) of 71.2 centimeters. The 2:3 module has a height of 23.7 centimeters. All cubes are available in full and half depth and can also be placed on edge. To ensure that you get something out of your new stocubo sideboard for a long time, we do not recommend using 2:1 modules in the bottom row of your shelving unit, as these modules can sag a bit over time due to the long unsupported shelves if there is a lot of weight above them.

Are the sideboards from stocubo sustainable?

We rely on high-quality material, more precisely: on break- and bend-resistant MDF from PEFC-certified European forests. We build our shelves from this in a very conscious and low-emission manufacturing process. Furthermore, we work together with climate-neutral shipping companies.