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stocubo cabinets without barriers

Unlimited practicality – all types of cabinets 

Cabinet systems still form part of the standard furnishing of every room. Cabinets are a room within a room, in which things disappear – locked and invisible. In the bedroom we have a wardrobe, in the bathroom a linen cupboard, and in the living room we usually have a whole wall unit for books, records and so on. 

Strictly speaking, bedside tables, chests of drawers and chests are also cabinet systems, in the small cabinet category. The body can have very different dimensions. No matter what width or height you want: with stocubo you can design any size and type of cabinet and configure it online.

With the stocubo modular shelf system, you'll find individual solutions, from fashionable wardrobes with any amount of storage space to convenient shoe cabinets. Our items of furniture are quality products – designed to carry a lot of weight. Standing modules can be filled to the last centimetre, even with heavy objects such as books or plates. 

Thanks to their simple handling and flexibility, you can convert your cabinet in no time and adapt it to the appropriate purpose. Whether it's a shoe cabinet or linen cupboard – there are no limits to your creativity. The only cabinets that we don't have in our range are refrigerators.

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 Overview of selected cabinets

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Drawer cabinet

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stocubo Regal-Konfigurator

Build shelves at home and everywhere with our configurator

It's easy to plan your modular shelf system yourself with the stocubo configurator. Please read through our tips so that your shelves are realisable later and to avoid misunderstandings during planning.

Download our shelf configurator to your smartphone or tablet!



Sample kit

Order your trial package now and see for yourself. Lay the foundation for your own modular shelving system and order your stocubo trial package now, consisting of:

1:1 module
Samples of all available colours
Aluminium and plastic clips
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Our customers' stylish cabinets

Recommended without restriction – you will find a few particularly chic and unusual cabinets in our customer picture gallery. Click here and get a few ideas!

Flexible cabinets with many advantages

First of all: every centimetre of stocubo furniture is pure quality made in Berlin. Our employees have many years of experience, which you can see in the cabinets, which have have been manufactured with great precision. Above all, our customers appreciate the flexibility of the stocubo system: every cabinet system can be expanded as required, and is thus suitable for changing living situations. 

With the exception of the wall shelves, all modules can be set up without any tools; all you need is a spirit level and screwdriver to adjust the base plates. With a stocubo cabinet system you get a unique, self-planned, self-built item of furniture that reflects your personality – warts and all.

And, apart from its simple structure, the stocubo cabinet system also offers aesthetic advantages: our basic modules are available in plain white and in white with a black front frame. 

Elements such as drawers or compartments are also available in white for creative purposes, and there is the option of more colour for doors and slide-in modules. Individual shelf cubes can even be provided with lighting, like a showcase – thanks to the clear shapes, a stocubo cabinet system never looks overloaded. 

With the innovative soft-close doors for our modular shelf cubes, we promise controlled braking of the door when closing – without banging or noise. And for an extra portion of customised storage space in the stocubo design, simply browse the Accessories section of our online shop!


Frequently asked questions about our cabinets

How are stocubo cabinets constructed?

You can assemble our modular cabinets yourself in just a few steps. The cubes are delivered fully assembled. All you have to do is put them together and fix them in place with the connecting clips. You can anchor hanging cabinets to the wall using the brackets provided. To do this, screw the rail to the wall and suspend the cube, which we provide with the appropriate bar, from it. In general, we recommend that you only attach individual cubes to the wall, setting specific accents.

Do the cabinets need to be anchored to the wall?

Wall protection makes sense for high or fully loaded cabinets and highly uneven floors. You can purchase simple L-brackets for this at your trusted hardware store. This allows you to firmly stabilize the top row of cubes, so you have a reliable anti-tip device.

Do I need base plates for stocubo cabinets?

It all depends on the nature of your floor. Base plates are generally not required for absolutely level floors. In the case of uneven floors, on the other hand – for example in old apartments – base plates are often indispensable.

How much maintenance do the cabinets need?

Not much! Simply clean the cabinets every now and then with a soft, slightly damp cloth. No special cleaning or care agent is necessary. If you're not keen on a layer of dust as thick as a finger, even a feather duster is sufficient to clean the furniture. You can also gently sand stains away from uncoated modules.

What sizes and colours are cubes available in?

The dimensions of the 1:1 classic cube are 35.6 cm each. The width (or height, whatever you want) of the 2:1 cube is 71.2 cm. The height of the 2:3 cube is 23.7 cm. All cubes are available in full and half depth, and can also be placed on end. Our basic modules are available in classic white, and there is also the option of having the front frame in black instead of its natural colour. Doors and drawers get colourful: choose from the wide range of pastel shades. Or you can opt for classic white here too.

How much weight do the cabinets hold?

Our cabinet systems are high-quality products, designed to carry a lot of weight. Standing modules can be filled to the last centimetre, even with heavy objects such as books or plates. You should be careful with 2:1 modules: don't fill them completely. If necessary, work with stabilizing intermediate sections, especially if you are installing 2:1 modules in the lower layers of a cabinet. With full-depth hanging cubes you can load 1:1 modules with up to 12 kg, and 2:1 modules with up to 5 kg.

How do I ensure maximum grip for my cabinet?

To ensure that nothing slips in the cabinet when closing the doors forcefully, we also provide extra-thin anti-slip pads made from Yupo-Tako suction cup film. These new anti-slip pads are available in a set of four per cube and application is very easy: peel off the protective film on the back, put a pad on each corner, put the next cube on it, attach a clip – and that's it!

Are stocubo cabinet systems suitable as wardrobes?

That depends on the type of clothing. Yes, if you're the jeans-and-t-shirt type or want to stow away other practical clothing. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of things that need to stay smooth, such as long dresses or suits, we recommend our modular cabinet system as a complement to a clothes rail.

Are stocubo cabinet systems sustainable?

We rely on high-quality material, to be precise: break-ceiling and bend-resistant wood from PEFC-certified German forests – and a highly detail-oriented, low-emission production process. Of course, we also work with climate-neutral shipping companies.