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    set of 4 anti-slip pads

    Anti-slip pads prevent cubes from slipping and serve as additional anti-slip protection when mounting our modules or desktops on other modules. They are particularly recommended for modules with frequently used doors or slide-in modules. Due to momentum when closing or pushing shut, the connecting clips can slip a little over time. The additional adhesion granted by the anti-slip pads means that the cubes won't recede a millimeter, even with heavy loads.

    Anti-slip pads have Yupo-Tako (suction cup) film on one side, while the other side is coated with anti-slip varnish with waxed paper.

    Anti-slip pads and connecting clips can be combined with one another. They work on all of our coated modules, such as natural/white or black/white.

    Instructions for use:

    Remove the thin protective film on the back and place an anti-slip pad on each corner. Now place the next cube on it and, if necessary, also fasten it with connecting clips at the front or back.

    Note: When attaching the anti-slip pads, the surfaces must be absolutely dry and free of dust. This is the only way to ensure that the anti-slip pads are fully supported.


    outer height
    outer width
    outer depth
    outer volume
    inner height
    inner width
    inner depth
    inner volume

    Easy-peasy assembly

    Delivery time: 4-6 Weeks

    100 days right of withdrawal



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    Wall mount

    Cubes can be hung by their long and short side using a rail system. Wall mounts are not suitable as anti-tipping devices when stacking shelves.

    The maximum load depends on the module: half-depth cubes, which are ideal as, for example, bookshelves or CD racks, can be filled entirely with books or CDs/DVDs. Note: For full-depth shelf modules, we assume a maximum load of 12 kg for the 1:1 module and 5 kg for the 2:1 module.

    Here you can find instructions for attaching the wall mount.

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    Cable hole

    A 5.5 cm hole to run cables through the back of the cube.

    The hole is at the bottom left or right (please specify for modules with doors). The distance between the outer edge of the body and the centre of the hole is 6 cm. You can add your desired cable hole in the shopping trolley at bottom right, and select it for the respective cube.

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    Put your cubes in the limelight with our integrated lighting and accentuate the aesthetic – day and night! From now on you can get our 1:1 cube with built-in LED lighting on request.

    Small lights are attached almost invisibly to the inside of the cube. LEDs are available in super warm white and can be dimmed through ten levels by remote control.

    Power is supplied via a power pack, to which six illuminated cubes can be connected. The cable is laid through a tiny hole that we drill in the back wall of the relevant module, so that it's well hidden and invisible from the front. The modules are delivered fully assembled. All you have to do is plug it in and you're done!  

    Please note that, in addition to your cube with light, you need an LED kit with remote control to switch the light on and off. You can add the LED kit to your order in the shop. 

    Here you will find instructions for commissioning your light cubes.


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    Vinyl shelves

    Record shelves according to your musical taste. Create the perfect stage for your favorite LPs.

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    Cube shelves

    Configure your individual cube shelf cube by cube. Caesar already suspected: This die will be cast!

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    Office shelves

    Individual office shelves for every form of organization. Do good business with modular shelving.

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    Build shelves at home and on the go with our  configurator

    You can easily plan your modular shelving system yourself with the stocubo configurator. Please read our tips through to ensure that your shelf can be moved later and that there are no misunderstandings during planning.

    Download our shelf configurator onto your smartphone or tablet!


    Here you can find assembly instructions for your new stocubo shelf:

    How do you maintain stocubo products?
    Here are some tips for maintenance: