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Our bookshelves

Tons of space for your books, from A-Z

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The bookshelf takes central place in the living room - and often has to bear a decent weight. But whether you want it to be a small cozy reading corner or a full wall of shelves, our bookshelves can be expanded or reduced, converted or reassembled, however you like! These practical shelves allow you to create the perfect fit for all your books. So if your collection evolves into a never-ending story over the years - don't worry, our classic modular design easily grows with you.

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Want to see for yourself?

Sometimes you just want to feel the material and hold the colors against your own living room wall before you then decide on a particular combination of cubes. Just order your stocubo sample kit now, consisting of a 1:1 cube, color samples of all our colors, and both an aluminum and a plastic clip.

Order your sample kit

This is how good our bookshelves look in your home

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Build up, rebuild,
and build again

Would you like to be able to design your very own individual shelf and adapt it to your needs, again and again? In our online configurator, you can try out the endless possibilities of our modular system.

Configure now

Frequently asked questions about our bookshelves

How do I build my bookshelf?

The beauty of the stocubo shelving system is: There are almost no rules, you can do as you please, as long as gravity allows it! You can arrange your cubes individually, according to your measurements and personal preferences - whether hanging or standing, as a room divider or wall shelf, as a sideboard, chest of drawers or cabinet, in the kitchen, dining room or bedroom.... Combining multiple functions is also an option: chest of drawers and bookshelf in one? With a slide-in box, or even with doors? No problem! With stocubo's modular shelving system, you can create your own custom furniture online that will work in any room. Alternatively, we offer online configurations that you can order with just one click.

Which book fits in which cube?

Our 1:1 modules are ideal for larger, bound books, for example atlases, illustrated books or magazines and journals. There is also enough room for file folders and records in our classic size. Outer dimensions: 35.6 x 35.6 x 35.6 centimeters, inner dimensions: 33.2 x 33.2 x 33 centimeters.

Our 2:3 modules are perfect for paperbacks and DVDs. Outside dimensions: 35.6 x 23.7 x 35.6 centimeters, inside dimensions: 33.2 x 21.3 x 33 centimeters.

The 1:2 module can hold notebooks, light books or CDs. Outer dimensions: 35.6 x 17.8 x 35.6 centimeters, inner dimensions: 33.2 x 15.4 x 33 centimeters.

We also offer a whole range of additional furniture for more storage space: for example, particularly large books (such as art books or sample books) find a new home in these upright 2:1 modules .

Magazines, journals or comic books can also be stored in our so-called F2 and F3 modules with extra compartments that save space. By the way, many of our cubes are available in both full depth (35.6 centimeters) and half depth (17.8 centimeters), so you won't waste any space. The countless, modular combination possibilities of our cubes - available in white with natural edges and white with black edges - mean you can customize your bookshelf to your heart's content. You can create our modern shelving system online - both in terms of price and dimensions.

Do I need base plates for my bookshelf?

Whether base plates are required depends largely on your floor. If the cubes are used on a completely flat surface, base plates are usually not necessary. With sloping floors and high shelves, on the other hand, it can be that the smallest shifts in the floor will have an increased effect on the height which can, worst case scenario, lead to a slightly slanted, possibly unstable shelf. To counteract this, you can use base plates with adjustable feet for our shelving system. These are also needed if you choose to have modules with doors on the bottom row, otherwise they won't open easily.

Can I hang the shelf on the wall?

Our cubes can be used as wall shelves with invisible wall suspensions (you only need to dowel two to four screws into the wall for this). However, the suspension was originally designed to attach individual cubes to the wall. To attach an entire shelf system, a fair amount of craftsmanship is required, because each individual cube needs to be carefully mounted, using a spirit level and screws.

My bookshelf is very high. Do I need an additional wall mount?

Our shelving system for books is very stable, and very unlikely that it will tip over, thanks to the high quality of our cubes made from break- and bend-resistant wood. To be on the safe side, for very high shelves or very uneven floors, we recommend that you firmly fix all cubes together with connecting clips and additionally use L-brackets from the hardware store to stop anything from slipping off. This way, your shelf is also child- and cat-proof!

How will my new shelf be delivered?

The individual shelf cubes are delivered completely assembled. Doors and drawers also arrive fixed together and ready. All you have to do is stack the cubes and connect them with clips - there's no need for the time-consuming, nerve-racking assembly of all the individual, modular shelf pieces. By the way, small orders are delivered by DHL Go-Green, larger orders by freight forwarding. Within Berlin, delivery is usually by courier; larger orders, however, are also delivered by freight forwarding. And of course, everything can also be picked up on site in Berlin.