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stocubo LP / Vinyl / Schallplattenregale

Record shelves

LP shelves according to your musical taste. Create the perfect stage for your favorite records.

stocubo Würfelregale

Cube shelves

Configure your individual cube shelf, cube by cube. Easier than Rubik's Cube!

stocubo Bücherregale


Your bookshelf as a serialized novel! Make history with modular bookshelves that speak volumes.

stocubo CD-Regale


Dressers from stocubo provide order and structure on silent rails in any room.

stocubo Sideboards


Whether high or low: side­boards by stocubo.

stocubo Wohnzimmerregale

Living room shelves     

Wonderfully comfortable: living room shelves in the cube system. Make your wildest dreams come true!

stocubo Büroregale

Office and filing shelves

Individual office shelves for every form of organisation. Do good business with modular shelving.

stocubo Raumteiler

Room dividers  

Living space squared. Create new rooms with our modular room dividers. Sharing is good.

stocubo Schlafzimmerregale

Bedroom shelves

Fantastic shelves for your bedroom. Lively ideas, from bedside tables to cabinet supplements.

stocubo Aktenregale

Home office shelves

stocubo separates professional from private. Modular home office furniture for every niche!
stocubo Flurregale

Corridor shelves

Corridor shelves for both narrow hallways and large foyers. Don't lose yourself again in a wide hallway!

stocubo Kinderregale

Children's shelves

Something really big for the little ones! Children's shelvesthat grow with the child, easy-peasy to assemble and convert.

stocubo Schränke


Unlimited possibilities with cabinets by stocubo. Expandable at any time.

stocubo DVD-Regale


Cube shelves for the fourth dimension. Our DVD and Blu-ray shelves in different depths.

stocubo Regale für Dachschrägen

Sloping ceiling shelves  

Shelves for sloping ceilings creative solutions for challenging rooms. Who says we're not up to the challenge?

stocubo CD-Regale

CD shelves

Number 1 in the charts: CD shelves by stocubo. Top of the charts in a precisely fitting 1:2 module.

Whether it's a shoe rack,  Filing shelf , staircase shelf or complete shelf system:

 Shelves play a crucial role when you're designing your own four walls.

 The stocubo modular shelving system adapts to your individual furnishing style without compromise and brings out new, exciting features. Even if your living or living situation changes, you're in safe hands with stocubo's modular shelving. 

Thanks to the innovative clip system  your creations can be adapted to the new circumstances and easily expanded in no time at all.    For example, you can conjure up a Room divider  or even a complete shelf wall from a bookshelf! 

With our coloured doors and  slide-in modules you also have the option of customizing your new shelves according to your individual wishes.

With the optional Wall mounting individual cubes can also be easily attached to the wall, emphasising specific features. When producing our cubes we use only German-made, PEFC-certified MDF boards that are low in harmful substances. 

By the way: All cubes, including  connecting clips are produced locally by hand in Berlin-Wedding.

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stocubo Regalsysteme

So funktioniert's

No assembly is necessary to set up your stocubo shelf or cabinet. Cubes are delivered pre-assembled and all you need to do is stack and fix them with connecting clips, either on the front or on the back.

stocubo Regal-Konfigurator

Design your own shelf

It's easy to plan your modular shelving system yourself with the stocubo configurator. Please read through our tips so that your shelves are realisable later and to avoid misunderstandings during planning.

Download our shelf configurator to your smartphone or tablet!


stocubo Regalsysteme

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